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The "Face-Anchovy" and "dispatcher distributes" open a restaurant in Alicante


Bomba Mr.Gran, Youtuber official name that jumped last week to fame as "Face-Anchovy" along with the "dispatcher distributes" you have seen the opportunity to turn into positive all the media hype reached level in recent weeks and also profit from it.

Far from following paths embroiled in lawsuits, (He youtuber He denounced the "dispatcher distributes" for aggression, While this first denounced the invasion of their privacy and lack of honor) have been able to see the good side of the impact they have reached national and even international.

According to sources close, It may be imminent opening of a new restaurant in Alicante, hometown of both, dedicated exclusively to the world of anchovy.

One way to leave the past behind, and take advantage of it

"Clearly we do not want to become two frikis, remembered forever by this ugly story, which is also violent and unpleasant "said the youtuber. "Come to think with the mind cold, we must try to de-dramatize everything possible. I did not feel like continuing the work of delivery, even though I know I do well. That was when the opportunity arose to ride along with Mr. Big bomb a restaurant in Alicante, Our city, to serve as a tribute to the anchovy, and power and recoup all this story "told our environment means the dealer.

The restaurant, whose name would still be determined, it will be, According to statements by the same actors in the same environment: "A temple of anchovy, a general level". Among the dishes they say they can find on their menu, we highlight some as the terrine roasted peppers and anchovies, potato salad with anchovies, Cornets anchovy cream sauce caesar, anchovy salad, duck ham and watercress, pizzas and spaghetti with sauce whimsical, Anchovies with cream cheese, all kinds of desserts made on biscuits and the signature dish restaurant, he Kukurruku.

Several media Alicante city and province, They have begun to echo rumors and early reports that revolve around bombshell of the year. And is that the opening of this restaurant, It would be a blow, a sopapo, one guantada, a slap, a mamporro, a setback, one tapaboca, a slap or a slap in the face of all those critics who have hidden behind social media to trivialize the matter in recent days.

A restaurant project that is taking shape

It has been rumored, what major investors were behind this idea with the aim of finance, and help these two young Spaniards to overcome a difficult situation, through venture into a new business dedicated to hospitality. names like Miguel Angel Revilla, president of Cantabria or Bertin Osborne They have sounded as potential investors.

further, behind the erasing the video channel Mr. great Bomba full, the idea that all his efforts and knowledge deck, from now on they are focused on a strong social networking strategy and marketing for new restaurant.

Meanwhile, the environment "dispatcher distributes" said that is a guy with very good hand for cooking, and surprise you with their dishes and culinary creations in honor of anchovy. "For one it will be a surprise to discover the succulent dishes that we will offer, but we invite you to try to pass this unpleasant event page, coming to our restaurant to receive the best food we have had in a long time ".

Undoubtedly, keep us informed of developments taking this whole story is so bizarre. A sample of how two people can be recycled and move forward with a new catering business thanks to the fame acquired within little more than a week.

P.D: Luckily today 28 from December
Happy Day of the Holy Innocents!

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