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For successful Fazoli's restaurants thanks to its Mobile App


few years ago Fazoli’s It was a chain of Italian restaurants with moderate success. At its headquarters in Lexingotn (Kentucky, OF. THE) it was clear that radical changes were necessary if they wanted to leave a position of mediocrity that nobody ever wanted in the company. A) Yes, They set to work to change the precarious situation in which they were.

It was not headed puppets. It was modified and updated the menu restaurants, They were received with open arms services reservation online and digitally, the distribution of food delivery was introduced as an integral part of the business model and a program of customer loyalty that changed everything settled.

In just one year, the reward system for customers has led to more than one 15 percent of the clientele is local recurrent. further, offering only some spaghetti and pizza rolls free, Fazolis now has access to a whole string of information about its clientele is a real treasure.

The reward system for customers adopted by Fazoli's

The operation of loyalty program Fazoli’s It has a system of bonuses that are made accessible as points are obtained. How these points are achieved? Very easy: consuming!

Each drink in an establishment chain contributes points in the system. Equivalence is one point for every dollar spent. The fastest and easiest way to redeem accumulated points is to collect fifty. With so many, It is allowed to redeem points for five dollar discount on the account.

Not all that can be achieved. During special days of the year, people affiliated with the reward system for customers can choose receive a special complimentary dish.

But the secret to success lies in the Free pasta dish is achieved when signing up for the loyalty program. It is an irresistible offer, because the quality of food Fazoli's has always been one of the features that redeemed. In fact, an average of 33% of registered end up consuming these spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, cannelloni or free raviolis.

further, integrated in the system app called mobile has an effect much greater than marketing campaigns by email the restaurant had been doing.Not all loyalty programs work, Fazoli's and know it well. From the words of Will Hanrahan, digital marketing manager Mark, shows that were lucky to have from the outset (September 2017) with the collaboration of developer software Futrrc: "With some loyalty programs, it feels like If he takes a lifetime to get something. With our program, I think people are very happy with the rate of exchange of rewards. It was a key aspect of the way we set it '.

And the success of Fazoli's is unmatched. For a chain of these dimensions, the 20 000 Downloads app Mobile were recorded in the first two months Operating system rewards customers, added those performed in mobile terminals and cell IOS Android, It represents an unprecedented which was celebrated in style.

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Management changes due to restaurant app mobile customer loyalty

With a volume of users app growing without limit, Hanrahan began to see unexpected changes in the way in which the guests used the services of local.

Instead of approaching lunch or dinner at random, responses to promotions and special events were increasing. Far from ignoring the opportunity, the manager pounced on it by fundamental changes in the mode of operation of Fazoli's in response to changing market behavior.

In September 2018 He observed a chain increase 475% percent of the revenues generated by users of the rewards program for customers thanks to an extremely simple idea: during that month were achieved colons in app. A) Yes, every dollar spent actually corresponded to two points, and get the minimum amount redeemable only had to spend 25 Dollars, the equivalent of a full meal for one person.

During this month, Besides 124 000 billed extra dollars, Fazoli's witnessed a increase records in the app Mobile 494% during the weekends.

And now the diners who come to Fazoli's already do with loyalty system in mind. In this regard, Hanrahan dice: "People now question “Ey, What can we do with app?”». This interest has allowed them to abandon traditional ways of obtaining customers and focus on new technologies. "The app reduces our dependence on traditional media when you really need a spurt in sales', confiesa Will.

Creativity in the use of app mobile

Fazoli's has long since stopped seeing her app Mobile as a mere tool of loyalty. Every so often there are new applications for the same, and no buts to evaluate them and strengthen them get if they succeed.

One of the functions of a app at this time it is to be lighthearted groups of diners arriving at the restaurant try new menus not yet listed in the letter. Thus Fazoli's makes a Market for free that, Nevertheless, provides valuable information.

They threaded rolls with cinnamon and made their debut, and the same happened with the dessert pie apple with ice cream. In both cases, tuvireon few lucky customers the privilege to enjoy a free meal, after which they were required to fill out a form giving feedback the chain. Few problems arise apparent this way; for example, He disliked the ice cream melted quickly drenching the rest of the dish, defect was subsequently solved in kitchen, before the dish enter the letter.

Power feedback It is simply immeasurable. Fazoli's well know. While the chain receive abundant opinions through Facebook and Google, in the same time period to obtain four times through its app mobile. Neither more nor less than 40 000 pieces of information in just three months!

The best of all, Nevertheless, is that the staff work Fazoli's seen in these comments. "Most people just leave reviews online when they have something negative to say, [the app Loyalty]It provides a more representative sample of feedback, not only ends', Hanrahan says satisfied.

further, when problems arise, which is all unavoidable lights, a brief exchange of views through the app and a gift of ten points usually do the trick. A) Yes, it is much easier to maintain minimum discontent, We compared with the usual systems reviews.

But the only rewards program for customers Fazoli's is that they have had to hire a specialist customer service dedicated to meet the interactions that leave from the app mobile. But considering the turn of 180 degrees have given the brand, they have done it with a smile on his face.

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