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The chef Alberto Chicote returns to the fray with #PesadillaEnLaCocina


Alberto Chicote returns to scene. And it does under the big hosting door you are having on the Net the announcement of the release of a new edition of #Nightmare in the kitchen.

The chef returns to the small screen on Wednesday to bring order to the Spanish restaurants that have asked for help to solve some problems of everyday life, both in management and in the kitchen. Their supporters have welcomed with joy the return of the program Whip.

Here we will share a selection of some of the comments most striking of his followers.

The announcement of the start of the new edition #PesadillaEnLaCocina from other accounts Twitter, as the program itself, the television channel or a television tuitero has also been heavily commented and have become viral. Clearly, the audience and the media chef followers were waiting with open arms.

The story of Fernando Alonso and Chicote on Twitter

The week has begun move to Chicote networks. The story occurred when, last Saturday, the chef himself acknowledged in an image that circulated in Twitter from Fernando Alonso a Toyota team member taken during the dispute of the Grand Prix SPA.

Whip the physical resemblance admitted through the network and the Spaniard responded, generating a barrage of funny comments, likes and shared which has made the publications viral.

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