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The chef Diego Guerrero creates an impossible menu 10 dishes


How to satisfy the tastes and culinary needs of a diabetic, a celiac, a vegetarian and allergic to gluten or other ingredients at the same table? It seems an impossible challenge but not, it is not. The chef Diego Guerrero, two Michelin stars, It has done so with a menu height 10 dishes for dinner.

AEG ambassador has made a commitment to natural ingredients using their innate properties to play with textures, flavors and odors. A menu that has satisfied the guests at this dinner that took place in the DSpot space and intended as a guide track for our tables.

aware of increase of people with special needs in feeding and growth of new trends in the culinary world, AEG has launched an awareness campaign with its ambassador, Diego Guerrero, which has developed a compatible menu for all those people, the impossible dinner menu.

In Spain there are more five million diabetics, half a million people are diagnosed with celiac disease and four million are sensitive to gluten. On the other hand, the Vegetarians now totaling over 2 million followers and flexivegetarianas and ovolactovegetarianas trends are on the rise.

A) Yes, you may find a challenge as that posed this Michelin star chef and you have to get to make some healthy dishes for each and every one of them.

In this menu, there is no food made from cereals, for celiaco, although there were gluten-free bread. further, no meat, eggs or fish for vegetarian, also cover an egg allergy. For diabetic, although apparently there are ingredients that could have sugar, it is not actually as cacao pods are used or, for example, pear, which it has pectin which is a residual sugar that does not affect diabetes and nixtamaliza thus increasing the sweetness of the fruit without adding sugar. Kombu seaweed as, It has much collagen, Japanese mushrooms such as shimeji or salty finger, allowing unused salt seasoning, are some of the keys to this rich menu, strong and healthy.

“Sometimes a food like avocado, only by way of cooking, steamed, It maintains its properties but get squishy texture of a meat. It is possible to make a dinner respecting the needs of each guest and intolerances”, explains the chef.

detail Diego Guerrero menu for dinner impossible AEG:

Mochi sweet mole and corn
Grilled Avocado, Peanut nuta, Guinea denies and cocoa
Cured tomatoes and strawberries marinated with salty finger
Bacon pumpkin, carrot and nori
Pink roasted pepper

Main courses
Tolosa beans Ravioli with young leek
Whorl kombu butter and shimeji
Sagu algae

Kaki and fermented beet

Pera nixtamalizada

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