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The chef Jordi Roca creates a revolutionary pole of cava


Innovation and the search for new patterns of consumption of cava has resulted in a new product. He chef Jordi Roca, El Celler de Can Roca, ha creado Anna Rocks, a revolutionary pole of cava from New Ice Edition Anna Rose and her predecessor Anna Ice Edition, both designed to consume ice.

Rocambolesc Gelateria It has teamed up with Grupo Codorniu Raventos together to address the challenge of putting the champagne on the table. The chef Jordi Roca Polo is made with two flavors. Definitely, a new product that combines perfectly talent pastries child of rock with Codorníu bet to reinvent itself.

“Anna Ice Edition cava and polo revolutionary Anna Rocks exemplify the effort and hard work we are doing to the promoting new forms of consumption of cava, in this case with ice cream and fit, which certainly help desestacionalizarlo and enjoy new moments of the day ", explained Mar Raventos, President of Grupo Codorniu Raventos.

"El cava Anna Ice Edition y el revolucionario polo Anna Rocks ejemplifican el esfuerzo y trabajo constante que estamos realizando hacia el impulso de nuevas formas de consumo del cava, in this case with ice cream and fit, which certainly help desestacionalizarlo and enjoy new moments of the day ", said Mar Raventos, President of Grupo Codorniu Raventos.Jordi Roca, It is the first time he has faced creating an ice cream made with cava. “The refreshing character of Anna Ice Edition and its own identity make these cavas, white and pink, They are perfect for making a pole”, he assured the chef, who has acknowledged that the hardest part has been to maintain the character of cava while stabilized for preservation, keeping intact organoleptic profile.

The new product goes beyond what is known conventionally as a pole ice cream. The special feature is its format. So much how the container allow to maintain the maximum bubble and simultaneously emulates the glasses of champagne to toast with him.

The process includes a balanced part syrup with gelling to maintain the structure of cava in freezing and to keep the bubble. This is mixed very gently with cava and molded into containers. "The key step is the immediate freezing at -40 ° C for structuring ice crystals as small as possible and well distributed", Jordi Roca stressed.

This project reflects the commitment it made Jordi as an associate member of honor of cava in the year 2013 to promote consumption, and the company's commitment to innovation Codorniu Raventos, in their efforts to improve and progress every day without forgetting the style and values ​​that have become a benchmark in the development of cavas.
#AnnaRocks, the new Gelateria Rocambolesc flagship product is already on the Net. Then we will share several of their presentations in different Twitter accounts.

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