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The chef Mario Sandoval, new ambassador of the winery Viña Pomal


The chef Coke restaurant, with two Michelin star, will be the new ambassador of the historic Rioja winery Viña Pomal. An alliance that seeks excellence on the plate and cup. This agreement is part of 'Society Commitment', gastronomic movement that already has fifty establishments and that aims to offer the highest quality not only in the glass but also in the plate.

Mario Sandoval is thus committed to the pursuit of excellence, the quality, respect for tradition and origin in all his creations. With this partnership, the chef and share synergies Rioja winery. Coque is the first alliance of this project that combines the passion and delicacy that chefs put in their dishes with the careful and elaborate elaboration of the wines by the oenologists.

"This partnership is built on shared values ​​on which we claim our commitment to continuing efforts to achieve the highest quality in our wines and dishes, without forgetting our origins and the tradition that has marked what we are today ", assures Alejandro López, oenologist Bodegas Bilbaínas.

according to Sandoval, recognized two Michelin stars and three Repsol soles, "Eating for eating is not the same as eating for pleasure". The collaboration of chefs and Viña Pomal allows sharing knowledge and new perspectives to get the best of both worlds: gastronomy and oenology.

Viña Pomal's commitment to excellence dates back to the creation of Pomal vineyard Commitment, the only wine in the world aged in French oak barrels tattooed by some of the best international artists. Excellence and tradition go hand in hand in this project in which ‘Compromiso Society’ offers chefs a team of oenologists and personalized barrels to always offer careful and exclusive products.

Then, I shared a It shows how the Rioja winery Viña Pomal builds and reinforces its corporate image and reputation through its Instagram account:

#Repost @jcrjournalist with @get_repost ・・・ @mery_raijin tatuando las barricas de Viña Pomal (Bodegas Bilbaínas). “The difference between tattooed skin of a person and a wooden wine cask? The barrel is not complaining” @vinapomal #tatoo #tatuaje #barrica #robleamericano #vino #wine #winery #bodega # viñapomal # BodegasBilbaínas #barriodelaestacion # cataestacion18

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