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AECOC Horeca Congress consolidates its leadership in bringing together more than 500 professionals in its 15th anniversary

  • Meeting Point meet in Madrid more 500 businessmen, chefs and world concerning restoration.
  • Speakers include frontline professionals Vapiano, Brakes, top Grill, Illycaffè, Shake & Shack, We achieve and Urrechu, among others.

HORECA Congress AECOC meet the next 1 Y 2 March in Madrid more than 500 businessmen, concerning the chefs and restaurant world in its 15th anniversary, establishing itself as the most prestigious annual event in the sector. Meeting Point will continue to provide, after 15 years of leadership, the vision, innovation and professionalism required by the sector, setting out the trends are to provide competitiveness to businesses and sharing learning value. The conference will focus on issues such as who they are and how they think growing companies, What is the present and future of fashion hamburger joints and what is the value of innovation and brand for today's consumer, among others.

Among the participants that this edition of the congress will highlight the CEO for Continental Europe division Brakes, Jacques Deronzier, to deliver a speech entitled "Transform Brakes distribution to hospitality on our continent?”. Brakes today belongs to the American retail giant in hospitality, Sysco, which it has reached our continent with energy and new projects. The paper deepen the possible changes that await distribution in Europe and the lessons that can be obtained from the activity of the American giant. Meanwhile, he CEO of Vapiano International Franchising, Mario C. Bauer, will talk about the brand and how it has managed since its inception in 2002 become a benchmark in sustainable international expansion and being present in more than 30 countries. Mario C. Bauer will offer its expertise in order to help the companies operating in our country can successfully cross our borders and have activity abroad. further, President of illycaffè, Andrea Illy, will offer his views on how much you weigh innovation and brand today in business Horeca.

The tendency burger

further, HORECA AECOC Congress will feature a panel discussion in which the focus will be on fashion hamburger joints to analyze whether this trend has reached maturity or if there is still a way to go. In the panel discussion will participate the Managing Director of Development Services Lowther, Tim Lowther; The owner of Top Grill, Andoni Goicoechea; and entrepreneur and franchisee Best Meal and Just Food, Joaquín Capel. In this sense, Tim has lived Lowther "hamburger revolution" that has occurred in recent years in UK, after developing his career at McDonald's, Burger King, Shake & Shack, Five Guys o Smash Burger, where until recently he was Managing Director.

"How they are differentiating regional distributors of the great?"Is the title of the second round table which will Congress and with the participation of co-owner and CEO of Assolim, Toni Rodez; co-owner and co-founder of EHOSA, Eduardo Garre; and CEO of Cutting Group's & Guzman. The crisis forced most distributors catering to expand temperatures, categories and portfolio to give greater value to their customers. What happens when everyone goes to the same place? The roundtable will release the vision of three-a generalist companies, an expert and an expert in frozen fresh- on how they differ and compete today with larger.

further, The congress will have the vision of other prominent speakers as the founder of Ideas for Change, Javier Creus, who will talk about how businesses are growing. Javier Creus is considered one of the most innovative strategists and thinkers on collaborative economy, open business models and peer-to-peer, innovation and civic society network, besides being the author of the report "Pentagrowth, the five levers of exponential growth ".

Meanwhile, the bloque "Millennials, influencers and entrepreneurs "will involve young chef, consultant and former contestant on MasterChef, Clara P. Villalón; foodie and lifestyle influencer Alejandro de la Rosa; and cofounder and CMO of LolaMarket, Álvaro Gómez; moderated by the president of Pangea, Pablo González. The congress will have another block intended for chefs, entitled "Creating concepts of success and what trends to follow", will offer the vision of the entrepreneur and chef of Urrechu, Inigo Perez; the chef, entrepreneur and culinary consultant Oilmotion, Carlos Tejedor; and chef and entrepreneur Acanthum, Elias Xanty.

The closure of the congress will be in charge of TV presenter and businessman Bertin Osborne restoration, lover of good food and consistent entrepreneurial. AECOC Horeca Congress will take place on 1 Y 2 March at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid.

about AECOC

AECOC is the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, one of the largest business organizations in the country and the only one in which industry and consumer goods distribution work together to develop best practices and technology standards that help businesses become more efficient and competitive, adding value to the consumer. It includes both major companies and small and medium enterprises and represents such diverse sectors such as food and beverage, textiles, electro, hardware and DIY, health and hospitality, among others. A closure 2016, had more than 27.000 associated companies whose combined turnover accounts for about 20% GDP.

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