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Alcohol consumption is reduced among millennials


Legal drugs are going through a bad time. The snuff is at historic lows and if it were not for the impact of other forms of modern smoking has had on the younger generations (vapeadores and juul) we are talking about a minority budding disappear.

In the case of alcohol, the millennials They are changing step. Decanter inventors have had enough and the number of people belonging to this cohort who are leaving aside the consumption of spirits It can not be ignored by restaurants.

All part of some millennials They are no longer as young as the word we might suggest at first instance. The boundaries are not always clear, because depending on where on the planet the time when they were born millennials is different. In general, is defined as millennial the adult who during his childhood lived the internet revolution. While previous generations turn to other sources, when a millennial It requires some information, the first place you will consult internet. This leaves us with a demographic segment running from the 18 to the 39 years.

And with 39 years, and even some less, one has just realized that's too old for some things. Get drunk and hungover to work is one of them, for example. But it does not take an extreme example, just drink a little over the odds may not be as gracefully as you would if you had a few years younger.

in EE. THE. changes in consumer behavior of the population have already had an impact on the business. Specialists marketing of large companies producing alcoholic beverages have been quick to coining the term "curious abstemious" in seeking to enhance all your drinks 0% facing consumers that normally would not show any interest in the brand. This advertising decision is accompanied in addition to greater relevance of such concoctions in companies.

But it's not all that happened. The snowball effect is about to make more and more millennials stop drinking almost completely, because the media have been aware of the trend and now regularly cover stories of these people. Far from pushing back readers, this will encourage even more people to stop drinking.

To this we must add that the millennials They are social drinkers. They not typically consume these products when they are alone, nor will they if they are the only ones who do. Go as increasing the number of people who refuse to drink alcohol in bars and restaurants, Fellow-old they will join this decision, because one of the reasons they had to have a drink is gone.

Finally, We can not overlook that there are economic reasons because of which this generation will also be delighted to stop drinking. comparatively, the millennials They are the generation that has gone worse stop in economic terms: precarious work, school debts, the housing crisis; this prevents the pocket can design copar cocktail party every night.

In any case, It is early to say that is the end of liquor companies anticipate that they will disappear or clubbing, bars and restaurants with time. Not so soon to start make changes to our service, However.

Although the trend is still very shy and there has been no statistical study revealed that numerically, the feeling is there is clear. Why drink companies try to attract the "curious abstainers", and for the same reason the mocktails They have started to become more important in fancy cocktail bars and bars.

The product diversification It is also an effective alternative when maintaining high level of alcohol consumption, This allows for items to bring to our establishment to people who previously felt a disconnect with the assortment of items available and encourage consumption among those most susceptible try different alcoholic beverages.

With regard to attracting new millennials abstinence, This generation is also deeply concerned about eating healthy foods, the origin of products and issues like that. The substitution of spirits for infusions, They associated with healthy lifestyles and natural products, It can be a winning proposition.

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