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Covid-19 gets Burger King to recommend McDonald’s


The coronavirus crisis has caused many restaurants to close, but we can't look back when we're still in the midst of a pandemic, no hint of change until 2022 or beyond. From here until everything returns to the normal life that we had before the arrival of the SARS-2 there is still a lot. And for the world of hospitality, that translates into many restaurants whose business continuity hangs by a thread.

The lack of sanitary control in which we live causes wave after wave. And every time a rebound in cases can lead to a new emergency situation like the one in March, April or current, there is no choice but to limit the mobility and freedom of citizens.

In December, Europe was rushing to shield Christmas. In an attempt to hold the reins of the contagion curve, Emmanuel Macron, France's president, ordered the closure of restaurants. A measure that, although fleeting, it will undoubtedly be repeated in late spring.

The decision made in France was extrapolated, with other deadlines, to the UK and Germany, and partially in Spain. And with it countless restaurants were once again under tremendous financial stress.

The famous hamburger chain Burger King, eternal rival of McDonald’s, would then decide to bury the hatchet to launch a innovative advertising campaign based on a totally implausible marketing strategy: invite your loyal customers to consume the competition.

Ad, which appeared full-page in several French national newspapers, as The team Y Sunday Newspaper, in addition to social networks, was so successful that it was soon adapted for the British market. The fascination caused by this stunt advertising was due to his emotional message:

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Place your order at McDonald’s

We never thought we would ask you to do this. Just as we never thought we would encourage you to order at KFC, Quick, O’Tacos, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Eat Sushi, Art Pizza, Hippopotamus, Pitaya, Sushi Shop, Big Fernand, First Mom, Chez Michel, The Basque Bistro, Café Kokomo, Yima..., or any other independent restaurant, too numerous to quote here. In summary, from any of our sister restoration brands (fast or not so fast)

We never thought we would ask you to do this, But restaurants that employ thousands of people really need your support right now..

So, if you want to help, continue to enjoy delicious meals thanks to home delivery, store pickup or drive-thru. Taking a Whopper is always the best, but ordering a Big Mac isn't too bad either.

For a greater display of altruism, the French branch of the company decided that it would not advertise its brand on the Instagram account they manage and instead would provide this space to small national restoration operations that were going through difficult times.

This unbeatable offer (it has no cost for participants) was in force until 21 from January, and many establishments have already taken advantage of it, Well, to have the opportunity to be highlighted by the manager of RRSS of Burger King in France, you only had to use the #WhopperAndFriends tag.

Frenchie's Tacos restaurant with its King Cheese Burger, el oriental Yansai con su Kare Raisu, Margot with her fish couscous, Brasserie K with its sea bass in wine riesling Alsatian and muslin carrots with orange, Les Allobroges and its raspberry tomato carpaccio with feta cheese and fresh herbs, La Galleterie and its pancakes, Alice and her pizza Estrella with surprise, Barak and his Mediterranean bowl, Les Carrèries and its gypsy arm Ivoire et Tanzanie, Chirimol and its crunchy gaucho barbecue, among many others, have been some of the graceful restaurants featured on the @burgerkingfr Instagram page, endowed with more than 330 000 followers.

This is how Burger King compensates for its controversial Halloween advertising campaign in the US.. UU., a spot on which the company had already decided years ago and which showed abandoned restaurants as dark and terrifying places. This raised the clamor of the masses who saw in the advertisement a joke towards those restaurants that have closed or are going through serious difficulties during the coronavirus crisis. Nothing is further from reality, but he backslash Do not be late.

Burger King's maneuver has been exceptional in that regard since, in addition to recovering the favor of the public, has contributed to the sector being more united than ever.

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