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The unstoppable growth in McDonald's delivery puts managers franchises alert


Entry into the market of home delivery of McDonald’s in cooperation with Uber Eats It is causing some concern among managers. Cooperation between these two companies is still very young, however the quarterly financial results of the company have been exceptional. There are reports that this market segment in the hamburger chain moves and 3000 millions of dollars.

The current situation resembles nothing of months ago. More of 19 000 McDonald's establishments already offer delivery service food delivery. Looking back in time, in July 2018 the hamburger chain reported 13 000 locations across the world where home delivery their menu was a possibility. And if we look at the same month of 2017, we are talking about 7000 shops. What happened to, in less than two years, the number of restaurants that offer the service brand has multiplied almost threefold?

An overwhelming success. That's what happened.

With the promise to continue growing, Of course: the rate at which the food market expands home will not stop or receive reductions for tax in the next five years.

Para McDonald’s, This partnership with Uber Eats breathes life into your business, I had already noticed some symptoms to be reaching maturity in previous quarters the signing of the agreement with the company mobility.

This negative sentiment has exceeded, but the new situation brings new concerns.

Although the CEO of McDonald's, Steve Easterbrook, has confirmed that the current rate of business growth is unprecedented and that forecasts are very positive, managers of chain restaurants disagree.

Many local brand not perceive the benefits they wanted to operate within the mobility market. The opinion, derived from a survey conducted by the National Owner’s Association (NOA), response has almost half of McDonald's franchisees in the US. THE.

While virtually no one wants to do without home delivery, There is also consensus that policy McDonald's should renegotiate the terms of the agreement signed with Uber Eats for committees not reduce the profit margin of the hamburgueserías.

It is not a trivial problem, since the fees imposed by Uber Eats They are in the range of the 15 al 20 percent. Add this to the difficult economic juggling performing managers and the price always rising rental property, those responsible for establishments begin to feel frustrated: "We are in business to make money but it seems that everyone is making money but us", said one disgruntled franchisees who participated in the study of NOA.

Discontent managers has become evident, Y McDonald’s He had to leave the fray to explain: "We are determined to continue working closely with our franchisees to have the support they need to manage and fine restaurants provide a great experience and comfort to our guests'.

Despite the statement from the upper echelons of the company, alertness among managers does not change, They consider that the economic model is successful at their expense.

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