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Luis Suarez, the Barcelona forward, opens a new restaurant in downtown Barcelona


Luis Suarez, was launched a couple of summers on the adventure of restoration makes partnering with the restaurant The Chalo de Tapas, to give life to a beach bar called Support nguito Chalito. In this new location, the idea was very clear, attach importance to traditional recipes, everything handmade.

Since November the city of Barcelona has, in the number 12 Rambla de Catalonia, with un Chalito permanente, since the beach bar, located in the Plaza de las Palmeras Playa, in Castelldefels, it shall remain open only in summer.

also star in social networks

This restaurant has everything to become a true celebrity in social networks. In addition to world-famous partner, modern decor, colorful and food can make you salivate through good pictures and videos uploaded to Instagram, and a string of players from Barcelona and other F.C celebrities who are photographed in the local, each time they visit.

Chalito in the Rambla de Catalunya you can eat a representation of the best Uruguay and Argentina traditional food, with Mediterranean touches, with traditional dishes like grilled, roasted or milanesas, and of course, They can not miss, retransmission of all matches live Barca.

All this has made in just one month, and with little more than forty publications, focusing on food and decor, as well as a famous person who has visited the local, he Catalonia Ramblas Chalito has not yet had more of 11 thousand followers on Instagram, a fundamental social network for a successful restaurants nowadays.

We leave you with some samples of what you'll find if you decide to visit the new restaurant Luis Suarez. It seems that besides scoring goals in the field, the ram has an eye for the hospitality business. From this digital newspaper, we will follow closely track.

Best restaurant Chalito Rambla Catalunya in Instagram

Today it Rosca Ham and Cheese!!! 😍😍😍 #ramblacatalunya #chalito

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Thank you for the visit and photo! 😘😘😘 #Repost @ antoroccuzzo88 · · Beautiful evening with friends at @ chalito.rambla 😋😋 !!! @sofibalbi @luissuarez9 @leomessi #mariyferry

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