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Blockchain development applied to traceability and food safety in restaurants grow 2019


Speaking of block chain the image we have is that of crestfallen criptodivisas, whose market not now going through the best time. Nevertheless, the block chain technology has many more uses other than those that gave birth to virtual currencies like Bitcoin Y Ethereum.

In the field of restoration, one of the most transformative qualities is the ability of immutable and impenetrable store a record. Thanks to this quality diners can receive detailed information about the dish that will consume, and also they know that this has not been tampered with bad intentions.

Take for example a menu of asparagus with mayonnaise, beef fillet garnished with garlic fries and ice cream berries as a dessert; dishes that could belong to any restaurant.

Thanks to technology block chain applied to the traceability of food we could know where they were grown asparagus, in which farm, how pesticides, when stems were collected, When they packaged and where, dates of departure and entry into each of the distribution centers, transport or purchase by those who have passed the vegetables ...

It may seem excessive and redundant, but who in paying for a good Navarran asparagus, You want to know that you are not getting bait and switch, or Chinese or Peruvian asparagus (which they are those usually offered at affordable prices in supermarkets under brands or renowned white alike) instead of its analogues of the Iberian northeast.

The same is true potatoes, the garlic, of wild berries ... or veal. In fact, the block chain technology already used in some Chinese restaurants to combat the epidemic of food security that pervades the country. The concern of the citizens of the Asian giant poisoning caused by food Campan scams rampant in society has led to the demand for these services increases.

In an article published at the time tried the case of JD, one of the largest platforms Ecommerce in China, I was driving the use of these applications to provide detailed information to consumers of beef.

The phenomenon is not unique in the technophiles Eastern countries. in EE. THE. There are already some similar initiatives, such as butcher Golden Gate Meat Company.

The basis of this movement is the consumer confidence. Will there been Hormonado this animal? Does the farm from which the meat sacrificed their animals ethically? Are insecticides used in plantations are legal in all countries? Have quality standards observed my country to get this product at the place of origin? There are many disturbing questions we can ask us about the food we eat if we pause a moment to think.

further, the technology block chain You can help people with food allergies or special diets adopted by ethical criteria to take a more comprehensive control on the ingredients used in the kitchen, consuming products or dishes requesting their favorite restaurants.

vegan food with no trace of animals, including those barely decipherable camouflaged under codes, as may be the additive E120 (cochineal extract); gluten-free ingredients in which the responsibility for possible cross contamination are defined incontestably; food kosher with impossible to falsify certificates; And a long etcetera, all thanks to the traceability of food through block chain.

Certainly, this technology is not a panacea. No infallibility worth when the owner or responsible for introducing records to the chain block which does not act ethically and morally, and it includes false information that does not correspond to reality. However, the traceability block chain is a dissuasive and control measure minimizing the occurrence of such events and also attributed responsibilities those involved in creating chain.

On the other hand, not all consumers make use of these services, so depending on the cohort of people who frequent the restaurant may be the case that the implementation of technology in the local does not make sense either from the economic point of view, or from the logistics.

Demographics appreciate most such measures are youths belonging to generations millennial With y, since they were born and raised in the era of fake news and posverdad, a moment of history in which it is difficult to know when you are getting real information, half-truths, insidiously lies camouflaged as fact or data strongly false. The power of food traceability through block chain is clarify the facts forcefully so that consumers no doubt have a negative effect on turnover perceived by the local.

further, technology has the ability to maintain control and operate an early warning system for outbreaks which they occur pathogens in food products. A) Yes, If a company issues a lock on a particular batch sent by multiple vendors to countless restaurants, all those establishments that operate with food safety protocols based block chain traceability could act by the very fact about the problem.

There are many applications, and by communicating on CB Insights, market analysis firm for start-ups, the "Companies will investigate whether DLT can help them gain efficiency and give them an overall advantage '.

Why not surprising that in the economic fabric regards the catering market begin to proliferate dedicated companies specialized way to provide these services to restorers. Harvest is the case Mask, whose main goal is to provide transparency in business; o Clear Labs, Ancera and SnapDNA, that more focus on early detection of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, as well as food security.

Some major companies in the food and catering industry and have been associated with this type of emerging companies. It is the case Whole Foods, Subway, Chipotle O Five Guys in EE. UU., they have the help of FoodLogiQ In this regard, a developer of software traceability and food safety.

It's just a matter of time that other renowned brands join the trend.

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