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Telepizza the day moved to Twitter


Much is said about the crudity of social networks, that uncontrolled digital space where it is relatively easy to find examples of insults, slurs and violent comments. But sometimes these digital environments, attached to the solidarity of companies and users with heart, They are able to generate real stories as exciting as the next:

The fact is that a few days ago, Telepizza, one of the leading franchises restaurants in Spain, He launched an advertising campaign with the intent to promote his new barbecue pizza with quarter pound.

In principle a promotion more, commonplace in this chain of restaurants, just like We have already told many times in this digital newspaper. This time, they proposed a few simple steps which users could win free pizzas under the hashtag #pizzasgratis.

Unexpected twist in promoting Telepizza by users

But this marketing action would not be as expected, as the destination and freezing temperatures made got in the way of competition the tuitero David Church, that the social network is calling President Ralph – @ofdachurch. his tweet, no intention of trolling contest, He proposed a joint action with pizzas raffled:

Reactions to this twit, which is already more than 1,6k likes and has been retweeted nearly a thousand times they did not wait and were massive.

At that moment, another tuitero as @kurioso, whose real name is Pepo Jiménez, He began supporting the idea, mentioning various organizations that could help. You could say that it all started with this tweet:

The challenge of Twitter users to Telepizza was made, Y chain, usually play very well these games, It was launched with a clear act of solidarity arising from the users themselves, a unique opportunity.

A unique opportunity for a large share of RSC

The rest of the story, is beautiful. More and more users joining the initiative, organizations setting means for shipping logistics are made possible. Even the workers themselves Telepizza, They came together to contribute their bit to the cause, and adding a few pizzas more.

Total, in two days via Twitter could raise 2.240 pizzas and more 11.000 euros for the homeless. With Telepizza course, converted into trending topic.

Definitely, a great example of how social networks can act as a link between caring people for a good cause and get change things. What started as an advertising strategy has resulted in a humanitarian action to help the most disadvantaged.

Telepizza picked up the gauntlet:

La cadena contestó encantada a la idea propuesta por los usuarios:

Incluso puso al frente de la operación por su parte, a Emilio Tovar, CIO de Grupo Telepizza



Así ha quedado la cosa, de momento:

Al final, de las 2240 pizzas donadas, Telepizza donó 100 (un 4,5%). Los tuiteros emocionaron a Twitter. Telepizza ayudó. ¡Felicidades a todos aquellos que han participaron en esta emocionante iniciativa!


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