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The Restaurant Management Dictionary, the new ebook from Gastrouni and APS Hostelería


Gastrouni, the leading school in specialized training for the HORECA sector, launches a new free ebook publication entitled “Restaurant Management Dictionary”.

A document prepared together with APS Hospitality, the consultancy specialized in the optimization of catering companies nationwide and led by Nicolás Ayela, with whom you have wanted to offer, from an operational point of view, practical and realistic, the most important and most used terms and concepts in the day-to-day management of hospitality and restaurant companies of the 21st century.

More of 300 terms, many of them adapted from English and translated into Spanish, are part of this document, sorted alphabetically, and that have been classified in 4 big categories: Economic management, operations, delivery y marketing.

Gastrouni and APS Hostelería have compiled a single living document - since anyone who wishes can add more terms to the document- the most used words in the HORECA sector, but transferred in a simple way, without complicated theoretical explanations and without pretending to be a chair of any kind.

More than 60 pages, he Restaurant Management Dictionary, becomes the first and only free distribution document aimed at answering the doubts of professionals who are part of the tourism industry and, especially, to people who work in the hotel and restaurant industry so that they can improve their professional skills.

You can download the "Restaurant Management Dictionary" for free, the new ebook of Gastrouni in collaboration with APS Hostelería, from the following link:


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  1. First of all I would like to congratulate Diego Coquillar's team for the great work you do in the HORECA sector with these quality content. I have already read several gastronomic articles, of companies and, in general, of the sector that I find very interesting content. Once again, Congratulations.

    Regarding the e-book of Gastrouni and APS Hostelería, I think it is a fantastic idea to facilitate continuous training , promote good practices and increase the skills of all hoteliers.

    I gladly invite you to my blog where I provide practical information to hoteliers on the proper maintenance of hospitality supplies to prolong the life of their machinery or replace it only if necessary: HOSTELERO'S BLOG

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