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Cash no longer among the payment methods increasingly restaurants


One of the major trends in restoration is the abandonment of cash as a payment method. It is a bet that has its risks.

According to proliferate premises only accept credit cards, P2P payment methods and digital criptodivisas, also increases the number of critics who claim that these restaurants marginalize groups that can not afford the use of these payment methods, among them, adolescents and sintechos.

Another problem that restorers face is loss of customers. there are still many who, at a pinch, the restaurant wishing to attend them offer payment facilities. And in this sense, The more methods of payment are allowed, best. While it is true that new generations are more versatile when it comes to making payments with unorthodox systems, innovative or low adoption; It is also true that cash payments remain the main form of reckoning with service providers.

This predominance is less noticeable in big cities, why restaurants where money is not accepted in cash tend to be concentrated in metropolises.

This is the case of the chain Tender Greens, specializing in mixed salads and vegetarian, which has 28 stores in strategic locations. Recently only accept credit cards and contactless payment, for example Apple Pay.

Sweetgreen, another lover franchise salads, It has taken the same approach to payments. Similarly we proceeded the gourmet burger restaurant Shake Shack and even a Starbucks cafe where is experienced with the implementation of this policy.

What encourages all these establishments to reduce payment methods to digital only?

Mainly, The time saved. According to some pioneers, restorers removed twelve hours of time dedicated to delivering, collect and post invoices each month. further, the number of errors is reduced during the accounting, so it is less likely to receive requests submitted by the appropriate tax agencies.

Another advantage is its deterrent against theft. And you can forget the minimizing potential cross contamination. Cash is one of the main transmitters of pathogenic bacteria in our usual environment, reduce contact local staff has with coins and bills can only be positive.

To overcome the difficulties described above, many owners promote their local offering interesting advantages. He fast service It is one of the most common. Other restaurateurs prefer to surf the wave of popularity and emphasize the Local compatibility with various criptodivisas. Anything goes as long as the balance.

Restaurants moment that point to these trends in restoration see how increases efficiency in service (decreased attention span, average, in ten seconds per guest) Y the waiters enjoy higher tips.

It remains to see if this trend has continued. Some US states. THE. feature measures against discrimination of cash, and some others begin to receive pressure now that those laws are processed. Did you die before the effective or restaurants that do not accept?

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