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New York State will pay delivery costs to save restaurants


The coronavirus crisis It's hitting New York City hard, big city restaurants have demanded the help of the local government. The hospitality sector is one of the worst hit during the pandemic and the city's restaurants are no exception.

In addition to having central aid to support expenses derived from the new reality and avoid layoffs, New York restaurants have been fortunate to have a response from the bosses of the metropolis, something that in Spain we keep waiting, Unfortunately.

When the worst of the first wave was over, some of the city streets were pedestrianized so that restaurants could make the most of them. This allowed them occupy common spaces on public roads.

This measure was later expanded, towards the end of summer, when a pilot plan for reconvert the city and make it more human and livable. Restaurants were the great beneficiaries of this program, which began in September recovering the sidewalks of numerous central streets.

Aid to the restaurant sector has not stopped happening there, and according to some analysts this has prevented the closure of a third of the restaurants. New York saved from massive job destruction.

However, the vicissitudes caused by the coronavirus crisis are far from subsiding. Although we have taken important steps to combat the virus and its associated disease, there's a long way to go to get back to normal and forget about the reality that worries us.

In the state government of New York they have evidence that this is the case and therefore they have returned to work to help local restaurants.

This time they will achieve it thanks to a partner specialized in delivery: Ritual. This Toronto-based startup (Ontario, Canada) specializes in food delivery for bars, coffee shops, restaurants and similar establishments. Its appearance on the market is very recent, but thanks to a very aggressive entry strategy he has already achieved a countless partners in Canada and the US. THE.

A) Yes, thanks to the agreement signed between the State of New York and Ritual, the more than fifty thousand restaurants that make up the hospitality industry in the region according to the NRA (National Restaurant Association), will be able make use of the services of the food delivery company without incurring any cost.

For many restaurants this means a substantial help. There are still a large number of establishments whose digitization is in its earliest infancy. It is expected that the volume of business will skyrocket in these places, as has already happened with several other restaurants that dared to try their luck in the world of delivery during the confinements of 2020.

Despite the youth of the start-up, Ritual has shown to be capable of meeting objectives on previous occasions. New York is the first state where they will operate throughout the territory, but the company already serves all restaurants in Los Angeles and Toronto under the same premise.

The idea has not gone unnoticed by its rivals in the sector either.. For example, Tock has been the company that has managed to convince citizens of its suitability in Chicago.

These food delivery services at home that some cities and territories are offering for free to their restaurants also have many other advantages compared to the usual contracts. to get started, restorers retain ownership of customer information, so that they can consult it, analyze and value as you like.

By itself this is already an advantage. One of the complaints that the hospitality sector has of the companies of delivery is the loss of control over your customers' data. The other overriding complaint is about abusive rates.. In New York City, thanks to Ritual, not only will there be no commissions, but restaurants will be exempt from paying fees for card transactions. And to close the deal in style, Ritual is also committed to offering digital menus for partner restaurants.

All advantages. Added to this is a disinterested contribution from PayPal, who has donated one million dollars to the local hospitality sector, and the request for the central government to intervene with more aid issued by Andrew Cuomo, the state governor.

With the small contributions of each of the parties, saving New York restaurants is getting closer.

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