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Overregulation penalizes hotel operations


As ahead Article January, This month has been confirmed the total spending by tourists visiting Spain during the year 2016 it was of 77.625 millions of euros, a 9,0% higher than 2015. These figures are reflected in Marks the last report Restoration of which highlights how the catering sector in Spain has consolidated its recovery with an increase in sales close 2% and creating 47.000 jobs net in the last twelve months.

In the words of Octavio Llamas, "in 2017 we will continue investing in growth and estimate new openings 450 local and total investment of 75 million of the 35 Brands chains that make Restoration ".

A really good news and that extends to the individual restoration, although this has, habitually, more difficult to develop naturally.

The professional who chooses to invest his life and savings, in the case that have and have not done in a bank, It should be clear that not only know how to cook well. There are many other Factors to take into account and on this subject, I want to focus in this article on one specific, in overregulation facing the sector.

Hyperregulation Hospitality

A few weeks ago he received from the FEHV a checklist to see if, as owner or manager of a catering business, fulfilled all legal obligations: in tourism, data protection and licensing, in health, labor, tax ... so to overcome 50 minimum requirements should consider the hospitality sector as entrepreneurs. A savage ...

But this is not just something the sector itself, but also directly affects many other sectors will, for example, the hotel. We have a government that does not get easier for the tourism sector, the economic engine of the country, and as says one of the leading experts in digital economy, Andrés Pedroza, "Overregulation can slow the development of the digital economy". But in this case, I would broaden the spectrum and would include our precious industry.

We talk about a sector that has received a total of 9,5 million foreign tourists with the sole purpose of performing a related activity with gastronomy. That is to say, a 15% of tourists who visited Spain in 2016 they did it, mainly, to eat.

The HORECA Sector advances despite everything

It seems crazy that one of the most important human activities has acquired a fundamental role in the Spanish economy and, Besides, I've had to do with so many legal barriers; but Here we follow a few million locos, unconscious and love of our profession, making each year continue to exceed expectations.

Because really, but do not leave us, US we continue to innovate and pulling the carriage to the HORECA sector in Spain, an example to follow for those who bet strong destinations for gastronomy. In this sense we must take care, because if top continue putting more and more barriers, others arrive and we will advance to the left, shames leaving the air.

It does not depend solely on us, but We fight to keep proving that professionals living and the sector deserve a government, As minimum, at its height.

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I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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