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competitive success of small local restaurants that are grouped into one app to be


It's hard to stay afloat in the world of restoration, especially with small dimensions operation. The local competition is ruthless and profit margins do not allow catch my breath.

To improve the success rate of novice restaurateurs, a new app mobile It has come to the market. Is about GoKart, an initiative that It has the support of the giant house sharing food, Just Eat.

The aim of the application is gather local independent restaurants to manage their purchases from suppliers as a group. In this way, given the volume of joint procurement, access discounts and promotions that would otherwise be impossible to enjoy.

The first report of adoption issued by the company showed that 134 restaurants had already joined. That happened in early July, since the success of GoKart has done nothing but climb, so that current projections speak of thousands of partner restaurants.

GoKart works with 140 vegetable suppliers, vegetables, sea ​​products, cereals and meat foods United Kingdom. A suppliers the joining groups restorers, the union of the kitchen can victual their pantries investing up to 20% less money. Something very significant for a small restaurant.

Although currently only application is available in the British Isles, where it is raging because of the shadows cast on the Brexit traders minor, Just Eat is optimistic with this new digital adventure. During the first half of the year the app Mobile grew at a rate of the 30% monthly, denoting the great interest and demand aroused among professionals in the world of restoration.

That is why it would not be surprising to see this application in other countries over the coming years. Who knows, Just Eat may reach GoKart integrated into a holistic platform for catering services.

In a time when the economic outlook is especially dire and prices are highly volatile ingredients, GoKart proves its value in the sector. Will certainly continue to grow, for making contact it has been very positive.

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