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“Marketing success of micro influencers is on credibility”. Interview with Ismael El-Qudsi, Social CEO Publi


social Publi It is a platform that is more than 20 countries over 800 million followers. Count on 50 thousand influencers with royal audience. are CEO, Ismael El-Qudsi, He notes that "the new generation of consumers who represent the greatest potential for future sales are not represented by traditional advertising and do not trust it because they consider intrusive and annoying” and continues: “And that is where it appears the figure of influence, It is an integrating element which is part of an overall marketing strategy of a company ".

In its participation in the #TeatroDigital who coordinated @diegocoquillat in #ExpoHip2018, El-Qudsi explained why #todossomosinfluencers. In an interview with this newspaper, He delved into the marketing reasons for the success of micro influencers.

QUESTION: Publi Social campaigns you work with normal people and not with celebrities. Why? Are more effective campaigns with ordinary people?

ANSWER: Yes. The celebrities or those who have more than one million audience in a social network at the end of the audience do not care. Clear, There are exceptions. But most it is to express your message, no feedback, simply they can not answer a question of volume. Imagine a football player or model; they can not get to respond to 15 thousand comments have. So, is a audience that is not so careful.

Nevertheless, the micro influencers, they are people with less than 10 thousand followers, no audience but followers or friends. They are your friends, and he or she become opinion leaders topic, which can be food, Hotels, travel, fashion. The more people trust these people we call micro influencers that of celebrities.

There celebrities in an aspirational component. Everyone wants to drive the car driving Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is not a real thing. Nevertheless, the proximity of that micro influencer is much better than a celebrity. Obviously, It is that unlike the latter gives you coverage and a giant audience. If we can, we must do all shares.

P: How you come to shape this community of micro influencers that you have on the shelf?

R: Just we ask them to They must be over 100 friends on any social network the most popular, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, even LinkedIn, and blogs, then they can register.

Apart, to own micro influencers that we give them the 5% of all campaigns to make friends. If I recommend 100 people, I will earn my 5% all campaigns, of the entire budget to earn my friends.

It is curious that we have people who earn 2.000 dollars a month without having put a single twit, simply because it has recommended 100 friends on the platform and is receiving a fee for them.

This is the best marketing we have; the platform itself makes us marketing. Obviously we also do social network advertising, but as we see it works it is that the influencers themselves persuade their friends to join.

The key is to segment audiences

P: What is the segmentation and characteristics of these micro influencers?

R: Not only they are young. From 16 -no years we can work with less people 16 years by law- And till, between quotation marks, 90 years. It's very funny because we just think there is a very commercial target which is the men and women 20 a 45 years, but we have women, between quotation marks, Seniors talking fashion, and they have a large audience, because there are other women who may have 60 years and they want to look at someone with his age and not a little girl who has 25 years.

The good thing is that such as micro audiences can be segmented by all. We can select people not only is Madrid, but in Castellón or Vigo, or select not only a country like Colombia, but a city like Medellin. We can reach that level of segmentation, and old, sex, and the interests of these micro influencers.

P: How many categories can register a micro influencer?

R: Very important. interests. He influencer micro only can enlist in four categories. Of the 30 categories that we, I could be micro technology influencer, travel and food, but I can not be in fashion influencer, for example, or other things. We validation to point people in the categories that best correspond.

Macas riskier bet for normal people

P: Do you think this type of advertising is a trend or will reaffirm future ahead brands? Do traditional brands, for example, They have broken the schemes to get so close and so people?

R: Very traditional brands still remain very classic and They are not betting on marketing de influencers, or when betting on the marketing of influencers choose a celebrity that apart from going to her party, event gala, the pone a tuit, and they are already doing marketing influencers.

P: How do you feel with brands such advertising?

R: It will be a maturity, It is logical. And that brand that starts with a celebrity then realizes that celebrity put a photo on Instagram that got 2.000 I like and there is, and see if test more people have more tiny audience, more engagement and interaction.

The riskiest brands directly go for normal people, by micro influencers and make massive campaigns. Hire one or two thousand coup, which in turn are tweeting about an event or on a video or topic.

P: You have been very honest in your presentation. You said that influencers will not fill coup or a restaurant sopetón.

R: You can not generate this expectation. It is not something immediate promotions; It is not that thing I see an ad on Facebook and I this afternoon at a restaurant. But if you leaves a residue. It's like email marketing, it is not fashionable, but occasionally you'll receive an email and at the end, when you need something, do you know him.

I also believe that the influence, especially on issues of restoration, depending for example on the photo set and time at which the program, You will succeed. It'll let you know that your friends have gone, the people that you're still gone, They will know the pictures of the dishes, and you'll crave to go because they are your friends or people who can be your friend and not a famous chef who does.

The marketing success is sincerity influencers

P: What marketing success of micro influencers should? Does it succeed because it is sincere, because it is transparent? Why?

R: Pecause is sincere. Although you will pay people will not promote something that does not create. I take the example of if I'm vegan and a mark of chorizos pay me a thousand euros, I will never be able to put on my Facebook or Instagram a photo of sausage or mortadella, because my friends know I'm vegan. If I am very anti pollution or green I will not be able to put a photo of a car that has 300 horses, because my friends are going to tell me I'm a hypocrite.

At the end, a micro influencer has no followers but family and friends who share my photos, and would be very bad. It is the credibility.

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