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The end of cash at Starbucks


Already several years, smartphones or smart phones have become an indispensable part of everyday digital users, almost an extension of the body. We use these devices for personal and professional life. This has created a new social landscape, in which the disappearance of cash is displayed as a not very distant reality.

Starbucks, one chain of cafes and restaurants more innovations implemented, the It has begun testing the experience of running out of cash. More concretely, in one of its restaurants of downtown Seattle.

Starbucks will run out of cash

Since the beginning of this month, the establishment of Russell Investments Center do not accept cash. You can only pay with plastic your credit card or with your smartphone. The company has not made any communication clarifying how long the experiment will expand or elsewhere. What is certain is that this test will help you understand how payment cashless can affect customer experience.

Starbucks has been seen as mobile payment and application orders grew very quickly, to the point that last year had on many occasions more tail to collect orders digitally made from their phones that natural tail onsite.

In his day, President and CEO of operations Starbucks, Kevin Johnson said that during peak hours in US stores, so tail was formed to collect mobile orders, what many customers could leave half the transaction to see such a crowd of people.

Other cases of restaurants cashless

Vegetarian chain based in Los Angeles, Sweetgrass, which features up 75 sites scattered around the area of ​​California and the Northeast US, It is supposed the company the country's largest restaurant that does not use cash. Co-CEO Jonathan Neman He said in a press release sent a couple of months ago the media, the decision has worked well and did not entail any reduction in the final accounts of the company, according to technology publication Recode.

The only criticism I can support this new policy Starbucks can be inequality can generate about people who are not affiliated with any bank, O that people are not used to pay for a product like coffee with a credit card. Nevertheless, Neman is very clear: "This test takes place in the downtown area of ​​a big city, in which there is a cafe on every corner, so if you do not agree with the cashless system, You have many other options to choose from”.

At the operational level, the company will see the advantages of abolishing cash, as the largest storage space, saving time take it to the bank or hygiene requiring metallic money itself. "As well It is stealing a less worrisome issue in a cashless system”, Neman said.

If the system thrives, Starbucks will help to position themselves again as one of the most innovative companies in the restaurant industry. Jonathan Zhang He is a professor of marketing at Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, He uttered this phrase about novelty: “the abolition of cash, transactions will streamline. In a restaurant, if we can trim 10 seconds per order, in a day, in a week, a month ... at the end of the year is a good sum of money ".

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