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The end of cash and tip in restaurants?


The future is today. Long ago phones and tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday life, a extension of our body, as was seen in the last Mobile World Congress, the great annual meeting of companies dedicated to new technologies. The event took place in Barcelona and was successful in terms of public and participation. In it it was found that the emergence of increasingly advanced mobile devices continues to grow.

The increase in internal memory is exponential and this allows the user to download more and more applications on their mobile terminal. On the other hand, ease of access that offers increased bandwidth 4G and 5G allows a more satisfying experience in using these apps.

The use of mobile for almost anything has created a new social landscape, to the cash. Banks and countries are already preparing for this situation. If we echo data, more of 1,2 Europe million merchants accept payment by credit card or debit card and in Denmark, for example, one of every three citizens conducts transactions through mobile. Payment via smartphone has become trend and it has exponential growth possibilities unlimited.

There is also evidence that credit card will disappear gradually, to be integrated into our mobile.

In countries like Germany and Sweden are also preparing for the progressive increase in payments through mobile applications. Last year the "No Money forum took place: the end of cash ", where the main actors gathered to discuss this new international reality. There have been many meetings over the last twelve months which have addressed these issues.

The digital tip and economic

As regards the concept “digital bribe”, term was first coined by Diego Coquillat in his article 2015 “The digital tip is that your client share a picture of your restaurant”. In it it referred to the fact leave a fingerprint on social networks restaurants, bars and places where consumed, through photographs, reviews and ratings.

Meanwhile the customer feels part by interacting in a community that shares tastes and hobbies. As well, how not, It has its disadvantages, as the ability to speak ill of your business.

This new concept is given within the process of digital processing what, increasingly, this affecting the hospitality industry. So you could see, recently in Hospitality Innovation Planet from Madrid, held last February.

We live in a time when Reputation is everything, and in the hospitality sector, where a high percentage of users choose a local, restaurant, cafe or bar depending on the reviews and ratings from other. The proliferation of mobile applications that serve to give the digital tip has been huge but only a few have managed to stand out and become a reference. The digital tip is already a fact.

The end of the economic tip?

If we focus on this extra fee as we know at this time, there are endless signs that show us that This economic valuation service I could go gradually disappearing, as in many countries the customer is not clear whether or not to leave this money, or quantity. In the US by contrast, if there is this obligation, so that leaves no doubt. Nevertheless, headlines showing that, even in the country of Donald Trump, and reticence begin to appear to pay gratuities.

Therefore it is necessary a new way to manage this financial remuneration provided to the waiters, waitresses, and personal general room. Good customer can obtain and also promotes competitiveness. The better consumers are cared, more likely it is to receive.

Nevertheless, the emergence of virtual money and thus payment via mobile phone and credit card or debit cards have dealt a fatal blow to this cash reward. Often it is in a restaurant and pay the final bill card without thinking about tipping because we do not carry loose change. But we are in a world of entrepreneurs and there are people who have developed applications to fill that niche market and have begun to provide that service.

Main applications for evaluating restaurants

In this article we are going to present a applications that are responsible for managing the digital tip, both in the sense to make a mark online, and the possibility of providing some financial reward.

Application already has a few years of life and emerged to assess the care and work of professionals from different sectors. The user provides an assessment as community Comment. Professional reputation is its hallmark and the main advantage we found that can be assessed to any professional, from the waiter to the plumber. We live in a society where reputation is very important, either company, professional or personal.


Although already it belongs to Tripadvisor, It is focused on the hospitality sector application. his modus operandi It is developed through reviews left by users on local and restaurants Once your online booking and subsequent visit. further, platform to find discounts and promotions use. An added value that has made it a benchmark in the valuation experience apps.


The most popular application on assessments of customer experience, this time focused on the hotel industry and accommodation. It customers and users leave comments of your stay and qualify. Digital tip is introduced Coquillat.

TripAdvisor has over 435 Write million commenting their experiences so that other users can choose their destination with more information Y unbiased, because it is the opinion of an equal.


winning application HIP Awards 2017 in the category of Best Digital Transformation, It focuses on economic tip. That is to say, goes a step further As for the initial concept of digital tip. In addition to leave ratings for the customer of a given room staffer, It can provide a financial reward through the app. So the waiter, waitress, maître or barista that best meets who will get greater benefits, which as we know, often they assume a significant percentage of the monthly salary.


Its main attraction is that it has several forms of payment in restaurants and other services. further, also it has a section to leave economic tip. Very similar to GoodService.

The clients, As in ElTenedor, as well gain advantages by giving that tip, through promotions or discounts.

The end of the cash

concluding, the cash will disappear and with it the possibility of tipping in cash. There are already many indicators that attest to this new reality and is gaining by leaps and bounds.

In the process of digital transformation in the HORECA industry there must be an app can handle this much needed monetary reward, in many cases, to supplement the wages of women workers and hospitality workers.

About the Author

Journalist 2.0 y CM de GS Good Service, app dedicated to reward work and service received in restaurants was awarded in the HIP 2017 Madrid with the Award for Best Digital Transformation. Seriéfilo and inveterate cinephile, is constantly searching for new digital horizons.



  1. David Maniega on

    Good afternoon,
    I partly agree with that “Reputation is everything”, and I say partly because the apps that let you do suffer from many shortcomings, I explain. Let's start because it is very easy to create a fake profile, so fashionable that the supposed anonymity of the Internet, and this is a problem that must be solved businesses as the holder or you mention TripAdvisor. What is that a user does not have his photo and can be Batman or the Bee Maya? What is that of the pseudonym and not the actual name of the person? I know the reviews made by people, physical individuals and not avatars. That is the first weakness.

    No one checks your data, not even if he is of age, you only place one mail, therefore a person can create thousands of fake profiles that you can use as you see fit criteria to put by clouds or to crush. TripAdvisor is the most serious case of all, If you do not pay the monthly fee you will never be in the Top 10 restaurants, I repeat, NEVER, its algorithm prioritizes valuations and stars to establishments that pay, this is closest to Pizzo Mafia else, but of course, it is a business and you have to monetize.

    On criticism, Here is the second major problem. If a person who has the bouquet accustomed to McDonald's (with all respect to those who eat that food) and you take it to a restaurant with two Michelin stars, when testing sferification Beluga scented saffron or foam barnacle with sea tosta d, I will say that food is a mie *** and you'll put a bad rating that affects your reputation and ranking. Thus, lack a filtering system gastronomic and culinary that can be contrasted, for example, a food critic really can arbitrate in cases such as I have pointed.

    These systems have to evolve much, and including, as do other services, They should be able to comment only people who have been irrefutably and consumed on site, via a code that is delivered to the diner with his ticket, That put a criticism of a restaurant or know where it falls it does not seem very reliable, in fact these rankings are very unreliable truth and have to be extrapolating from reviews to make more or less an idea. Undoubtedly, Aboca word (not the digital) It remains the most reliable source while technology does not strive a little longer to make better products.

    P.D. I really like your articles.

  2. Hello david, Thank you very much for your comment, the first point, we have conducted hundreds of studies and can not say what you say that there is fraud in the opinions. I guarantee that if we had detected would be published in this newspaper.
    As to the second point, It is not a reflection of the traditional system of lifetime, only the critics were right to speak, Luckily the Internet and social networks have democratized these views and today you need not be an expert to have a relevant opinion, but beware, no one is forcing anyone to read the opinions of other.
    Respect your final conclusion think alike, You need to improve, but I think certainly have put the online reputation at a level that had never existed, although opinions of mouth remain very relevant.
    Thanks for your opinion about our items.

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