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The Foodie that is sweeping Instagram ... Wow! It's a dog!


Popeye is, definitely, foodie loudest are doing right now in Instagram, a breath of fresh air into the world of gastronomy in social networks. This addict walk through all kinds of restaurants in the city of Los Angeles in the US, He has accumulated in just 3 months of 132.000 followers in an account in which he can be seen posing with different "outfits" and complements most modern while It is portrayed in front of delicious food, each time at a different restaurant.

The most curious thing is that Popeye, O @PopeyeTheFoodie, it's a dog, and its history is quite striking. In the words of its current owner, Ivy Deep: "When we find Popeye, It was abandoned in the street and famished, with a hyper-thin body and all his dirty white hair and matted. A dog just 3kg and a very difficult life that looked like they had never been fed ".

Popeye, foodie dog sweeps Instagram

Ivy continues: "We originally had not even thought to keep him, but quickly it settled with the rest of our puppies and made us encariñáramos him ".

Because the truth is that Popeye, plus a foodie, It is a very special dog. Unlike most specimens of their species, who hardly resist at least sniff all that food happens close, he gets to stay calm and impassive before the food dishes They parading in front of his muzzle and even a human cost you resist.

We have seen in all types of restaurants in the city angelina, demonstrating a large wardrobe of hats, jerseys, glasses and complements most modern. Popeye has dazzled in just 3 Foodie months to Instagram community and continues to accumulate a lot of followers.

What's so special restaurants that will Popeye?

We found in all establishments where we could enjoy the ears bear-loving and good-natured smile of Popeye something in common: are restaurants "Pet-Friendly”, where pets are welcomed.

Ivi Diep makes clear when we realize that: "I usually stay for lunch with a friend, and at home we realized that Popeye It is especially good with food from people and loves to go out, I decided to start to bring. As we eat a lot and always took pictures of our plates, We began to include (Popeye has) in pictures, but their presence brightening, We pushed create you an account ".

Thus he was born @PopeyeTheFoodie, where we see the protagonist of this story enjoying face spicy curry, fried food, cheescakes, churros, Hamburgesas, etc ... A fun idea is conquering Instagram.

To get down some clouds, its owner Ivi, who works full time at a software company in your city, is responsible soften the myth: "The truth is that Popeye is not excessively gluttonous, and he has never shown any appetite for food that we put forward for the photo. If you're hungry, we always carry a bag with cookies, so that you can join us if you like. Another thing is that they have McDonald's chicken nuggets, there we can have a problem, since chiflan him!"says.

Animal style… . Double doublesss, animal style fries, and strawberry shake at @innout in Alhambra. #popeyethefoodie

A photo published by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) he

Popeye is a dog of unknown breed, Instagram and among his thousands of followers it has concluded that it should be a mix between a Yorkshire terrier and a Maltese Bichón, what it is known as "Morkie".

It is clear that this “foodie canino” It has become the great ambassador of the restaurants that are suitable for city dogs. Today is in a 5kg weight sanísimos, and we wish to continue touring with his mistress Ivy Diep various restaurants "pet-friendly" Los Angeles. We will be paying attention, as Foodie in this delightful account Instagram, He has managed to enthrall.

Yes, Popeye eats. Enjoying a Poochini at @shakeshack in West Hollywood.

A video released by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) he

Still feels like summer in LA. X Sundae at @zeroxzerox in Pomona.

A photo published by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) he

Getting our brunch on. Breakfast plate, scrambled eggs, French toast, and Nutella Toast from Ledlow in Downtown Los Angeles. 👍🏻

A photo published by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) he

Oui oui to this French Nutella crepe at @pitchounbakery in Downtown Los Angeles. #popeyethefoodie. Fedora from @Amazon

A photo published by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) he

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