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The Future of Tourism & Hospitality on the first day of # DES2017


Within the context of digital processing It is providing us Digital Business World Congress 2017, I could not miss a sector such as Hospitality and Tourism. On the first day, developed yesterday, Tuesday 23 of May, table Tourism & Hospitality He highlighted by the participation of disruptive signatures and digital processes in constant innovation.

Examples of companies like Blablacar O ElTenedor, They contributed their experiences as intermediaries between users and services. Jaime Rodriguez de Santiago, General Manager BlaBlaCar Spain & Portugal, It referred to the culture of trust that has emerged thanks to technology. "Confidence has been the basis of many businesses and transactions: since the trade-offs between different tribes to trade laws between countries ", Rodriguez was referring Santiago, "But no one has managed to move 12 million per quarter with confidence peer-to-peer”.

Because Sylvain, Digital Transformation Senior Manager en Accenture Interactive, Y Abraham Martin, Director Marketing (CMOs) Iberia & Brazil of ElTenedor, They stressed the need for a change in mindset and corporate culture. The key was that defined both customer work actively listening and ability to test, fail and learn. “The digital processing is already, Now the company needs to change inside: business culture", They commented both experts.

Reflections on Digital Transformation # DES2017

To finish the table summarizing the speakers proposed that interventions, related digital processing in a tweet, that is to say, launch an idea 140 characters.

Diego Coquillat, director of this newspaper and CEO 10Restaurantes.com, the leading web search for restaurants for groups and events, thereby said two joint Ideas: first, that probably the next big industry leading hospitality companies will not be, they will be selling technology companies catering, and secondly and interventions based on views in the day, the big business of the future will be based on Connect users. To this his cronies added ideas such as is the case of Rodriguez de Santiago, who claimed that today's technology has “commoditizado” and now the hard part is not accessed, but to eliminate the reluctance to change team.

further, on a day like yesterday I could not fail to mention the implementation of the Artificial intelligence and the Augmented reality businesses of all sectors, but mostly focused on tourism. In this sense, Joakim Colonel, Manager Innovation Venturespring, He tried to present an optimistic view of the arrival of AI claiming, despite what it is believed generalizadamente, the machines will not replace humans. "The Big Data is a series of huge and useless data itself. Will people which interpret them and become Smart Data ".

“Siri, find me the perfect vacation”

Eva Ballarín, moderator of this roundtable forum Tourism & Hospitality, a funny question posed to participants, that was "Will there come a day when you can say" Siri, find me my perfect holiday?”. The response of these experts and experts of Big Data and Machine Learning was a resounding yes, although they did not know whether it would be sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, customizing the user experience It was another great flagships of the day. At the round table organized on Tourism & Hospitality Shapers, different professional focused on the world of tourism discussed the need to interpret the data to adapt and predict, increasingly, the behavior of users.

Hugo Sanchez, from Mabrian, He told us, for example, as traceability of the habits and behaviors of tourists has become extremely relevant, and not only for business, but also for the architecture of the city and for the management of cultural interest. Likewise, Manuel Aragonés explained how in your company, Travel Compositor, They focus their mission to make life easier for the user through a holistic management of your holiday. "On the Internet we have it all, but it lacked unite and make the process of creating a journey not a nightmare for the user ", Aragones defended.

And is that, as he stated throughout the day, There are two ways to innovate today: One is to create something new and the other is to reduce the complexity of what already exists. Clearly, with the digital transformation either option becomes much easier to apply, and these innovative companies have shown us once again that change is always possible.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.


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