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The gastronomic hyperrealism of Yoshinobu Saito that revolutionizes the #foodporn


Twitter is revolutionized with an image circulating in the last hours. This is a meat dish cooked with corn and with a little butter. It's the typical picture worthy of hashtag #foodporn, only this time This is not a photograph but a painting.

The work in question is Yoshinobu Saito (@ yonyon76), a young Japanese artist who performs illustrations so, but so realistic that are fully able to make you believe you're watching a delicious strawberry or a piece of meat about to be eaten.

The illustrations have recovered are just some samples of work that the artist has shared on the Internet. We see is an artist who tries to approach the realism by leftover, glare and textures. Nevertheless, with drawing cooking meat with corn and butter melt as it has gone too far, and it has managed to go viral.

Thousands and thousands of users are opening threads commenting if indeed this is a real drawing or photograph. So we want to know your opinion. ¿Real the fake?

The art of Yoshinobu Saito

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