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Airbnb impact at local restaurants


I remember a few weeks ago, during the break of an event in which participating, I was talking to a hospitality of the city of Valencia and I recounted the growing impact it had on sales of restaurant Customers who hired apartments in the neighborhood. Not only by the direct influx of these new diners but also by increased orders carried home to its new visitors.

A steady stream of foreign tourists, guides and other travel related to converting its establishment in the restaurant or cafe nearby thanks to web platforms like Airbnb.

I warn you not compete in this article to assess what legal or illegal of these new methods of recruitment, nor anything very collaborative collaborative or are these new forms of travel. I want to focus on mere description and information a reality increasingly it affects more restaurants from different cities of the world.

A few months ago Airbnb published a report in which the figure supposed concretized their business for restaurants, and that globally and according to data generated more of 4,5$ billion for local restaurants. Of which 1,5$ billion is the distribute the 19 major US cities.

The savings Airbnb is an increase in spending on restaurants

According to this report, which it is based on an annual survey of consumer habits of its customers over the past 12 months, guests spent between 50$ Y 100$ average in restaurants.

Airbnb estimated 56% its users spend more on restaurants and shops, as a result of savings they get by renting a holiday apartment off the price of more traditional alternatives.

But there's more, It has been shown that the 42% of these customers mainly spends money in those neighborhoods or local areas where they are housed. Cities with higher spending on restaurants from visitors in the United States Airbnb were New York 470$ millions, Los Angeles 236$ millions, San Francisco with 107$ million and Chicago with 93$ millions.

As well, Against this background Airbnb has decided to go one step further in its desire to promote the consumption of local restaurants by their visitors and generate new business unit. And is that a few days ago confirmed the investment 13 million in the implementation of Resy restaurant reservations, with the aim of connecting restaurants with their customers.

Restaurants and gastronomy, Keys to lure travelers

This application is based in New York and currently operates in 40 US cities feel at 1,5 million diners every month restaurants and the objective is to launch Airbnb according to a first phase 20 US cities.

Definitely, Airbnb wants to go beyond one's hiring apartment to stay during the trip and its new proposal “More popular experiences” restaurants and gastronomy are key to attract the traveler. A new concept that tries to wrap global experience as the sum of different elements and Recreation creating a perfect digital traceability that distinguishes you from other proposals.

A model can certainly be replicated in other cities or countries in the world with similar agreements to Resy but with different intermediaries local reserves, provided that add value to all actors involved in this strategy; Airbnb, the booking agency, travelers and local restaurants…We'll be alert!

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