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The world leader in 'coworking' WeWork Food Labs creates innovative companies to launch restoration


For a small start-up in an initial stage related spending necessary workspace can be totally prohibitive. Especially when we talk about emerging companies located in large cities and world capitals.

To combat this phenomenon are emerging alternatives shared workspace around the globe. It is interesting initiatives for young entrepreneurs. In cities like Los Angeles, London or New York, paths cradles of innovation in the restaurant industry and any other industry dependent on new emerging technologies, shared work spaces help fight high prices for rent, who have already raised the cry restorers wind hardships they go through: New York Mayor has received requests from platforms restorers to delimit prices steadily rising, while the British government has been warned that the current escalation of the cost of leasing is the main reason why the destruction of businesses in the niche of restoration is an epidemic rampant Campa.

That is why gambling as WeWork Food Labs WeWork, giant 'coworking' in 2018 and it was valued at 40.000 millions of euros, are always welcomed with open arms.

WeWork Food Labs is a service package aimed at emerging companies engaged in food technology or innovation in the field of restoration. In addition to a shared workspace with low cost, ideal for the initial stages of any project, Food WeWork Labs also serves as a shuttle project, dynamic communications and transverse ratio in the industry, and accelerator start-ups endowed with a meeting point for entrepreneurs and investors.

WeWorks thus it seeks to differentiate its service from other workspaces shared much more basic soil only have a low price and do not exhibit any of the characteristics of networking which they boast professional in the press release.

In order to help the new generation of professionals restoration, Shuttle companies also aims to address some of the problems that arise on the horizon. For example, If today we have not yet solved the hunger crisis on the planet, How are we supposed to feed a population of 10 000 millions of people, Estimated population on Earth 2050?

Since the challenges that the future brings are many and disparate, WeWork wants to play a key role in achieving all those technological solutions with great disruptive market power. And this requires that ideas that can lead to such solutions have a place to germinate.

To make it, WeWork offer its consulting services to optimize the developmental trajectory of all the new concepts that are approved within the program WeWork Food Labs. Briefing learns The Spoon through direct communication with the company, This will be done using two methods or strategies development.

The first one has been coined as continuous programming. Any company related to the catering industry can benefit from this methodology, but WeWork can only work with a maximum of sixty candidates companies. The number could be lower depending on the size of the entities running for participating in the program.

Since it is expected that the number of participants is considerably higher, before step forward will be an important sieve. It is also worth mentioning that companies must be willing to relocate. The shared work space that will be used for this project is in the building 511 W Street number 25 froml Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan (NY, OF. UU.).

This place will be meeting places and private areas. For example, will have segregated professionals and private offices that can make their communications with the utmost secrecy. On the other hand, The building will also feature conference rooms where besides receiving professional experience outside WeWork, the participants can enter to engage in fruitful relations between them.

Not everything the workspace Food Labs aims to offer WeWorks. In addition to these basic infrastructures, within the walls of number 511 W there is also a kitchen dedicated to R + D + i, a professional photo, a display where the latest developments will be presented in high-volume packaged goods consumption, a model of a store merchandising and a stand tasting.

In addition to infrastructure, workspace and consulting, WeWorks collaborators also gain access to a potential clientele of a 400 000 people. According The We Company, sustainable food proposals, nutritious, accessible and good taste can reach a level of unsuspected impact through functionality accelerator start-ups and shuttle companies WeWork.

And speaking of business acceleration, we can not overlook the second strategy which aims WeWork Food Labs marks a before and after in the industry of the New York Restoration, and perhaps world.

This second path acceleration is a traditional strategy based on a plan short-term actions that helps emerging companies move from its initial stage to the financing.

To join the select club of companies that may be in this personalized patronage applicants must meet a series of more stringent criteria. Each group a total of eight entities can come to receive the benefits of this experience, but most likely it is that only six or seven come to occupy the positions designated, According to forecasts made from WeWork. From the point of view of the accelerating company, Quality is better than quantity.

And that WeWork want that million dollars have been earmarked for WeWork Food Labs used intelligently and efficiently as possible.

For it, this gamble is not the first initiative taken in the niche of restoration. Since some time WeWork has been testing the sector to learn more about the technologies that have high transformative capacity and find out what the problems and challenges that professionals face these companies are. Especially notable are the proposals for reducing animal foods or investment in the sale and development of Superfoods, such as those offered by the emerging company Laird Superfood.

The registration period is open and the experience of New York will begin late autumn, in October. WeWork deck and other locations EE. THE. where to carry out this business venture, and soon this accelerator companies could expand beyond US borders: The We Company He is currently working with The World Food Programme to take the initiative to India, Brazil, Colombia and Thailand.

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