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The world's best restaurant uses twitter to get last minute reservations


A few months ago, specifically the 26 September 2011, published an article on this blog with the title “100 reasons to use twitter in a restaurant“, the reason number 12 He wrote the following :

It seems that the most important restaurant in the world, Danish Noma, He has heeded this suggestion and has used his twitter account (@ReneRedzepiNoma) to announce the availability of a table after the cancellation of a customer, as we can see in the following tweet:

The news has jumped to the media and is having a major impact, mainly the aspects, because it is the benchmark restaurant in the world and because the list of minimum wait for a table is 3 months.

This demonstrates that the great restaurants are also using the SMR (Social Media Restauranting), because nowadays nobody, but nobody!, even the world's best restaurant, You can afford to lose a table.

Once again it demonstrated that social networks allow real-time restaurants come in a different way, close and fast to his followers and customers, any other way would have been possible to do the same without the use of networks.

Analyzing your twitter account (@ReneRedzepiNoma), I note that at present the community consists of more than 22.000 followers, follow 240 and they have published 283 tweets.

So I could investigate, He opened the account 24 March 2011, Cam on twitter 308 days, therefore has not released nor a tweet per day, specifically the exact figure is 0,92 tweets / day, It is an underactive account.

The fundamental content of their tweets are photographs of their culinary creations, as well as raw materials used for this purpose.

With all that, I suggest the restaurant Noma, make it more participatory in twitter, because without doubt the dining experience has to be “hallucinatory”, He will bring and to humanize your restaurant and get a unique global experience to its customers, since in the current model and thanks to technology, customers start experience before going to the restaurant through the Internet and social networks and continue on this same channel after the dining experience with their views or comments.

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