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It Produces Ugly movement gives a second chance to 'ugly products'


Did you know a third of the food produced in the world for human consumption just wasted? Or that the highest wastage rates -between 40 and a 50%- They are concentrated in groups fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers? These are some of the numbers has revealed the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, for its acronym in English).

The figures are even more alarming when we talk about specific numbers. They are approximately 1,3 million tons of food that end up in the trash without even get to touch a plate In most cases, resulting in losses of up 680.000$ million in industrialized countries and 310.000$ million in developing countries.

One of the policy areas where FAO is stressed in retail in countries with high and middle income, where large amounts of food are lost only and exclusively by quality standards they overvalue appearance.

The culture of "good looking" established in our society is one of the biggest culprits of food waste to all, consciously or unconsciously, We contribute or have contributed at some point in our lives. A bright orange, and turgid green apple or pear, a banana unblemished ... I do not deny, all of them are more likely to end up in our shopping before their sisters sort something hit.

"Most of the food is lost for failing to meet the aesthetic canons for marketing"

To eradicate this problem, FAO aims to "sensitize industries, retailers and consumers, and finding beneficial uses for foods currently shooting ". That is to say, a change in mentality to give those foods are not as cool an opportunity but equally mouthwatering.

A second life for Ugly Products

In this task they are immersed boys and girls Imperfect Produce, a native company Emeryville, in California, It defined itself as "product distributor ugly ". Its mission is to sell boxes with these products do not pass the filter aesthetic quality retail but are in perfect condition for consumption and do so at a price reduced.

His story began following a reflection on the figures we have discussed above. its founders, Ben Simon, Ben Chesler and Ron Clark, They decided to launch a project to put the brakes on a serious environmental problem due to the rejection of what they call "cosmetic products that defy". Simon and Chesler, who already had experience in food recovery, They gathered to take a step further and, by Clark, devised a business for sale of these ugly products.

Said and done. In one month they were on the market and running. Simon himself says in an interview for the web Lucky Peach launch that process "was crazy". "We decided to settle in California for the highest concentration of product in the area and the climate, but also because Californians are very receptive to our concept ", says co-owner.

But his ambition leads them beyond the California border and joined the so-called movement Ugly Produce, a current that tries to promote the consumption of these products and to publicize the work of many associations and companies that corporate philosophy, in addition to attracting new supporters with the idea.

The gleaners movement in Spain

In Spain does not have much impact this movement but it there are companies that promote, as in the case of Espigoladors. This Catalan company is another example of grouping concerned about food waste im-perfect. Formed initially by volunteers mostly, devoted themselves to collecting misshapen vegetables and sell them at reduced prices Extra provided they do not end up in the trash.

"In Spain, Espigoladors put back on the market fruits and vegetables at a reduced price Imperfect "

You can learn more about gleaners in this video from the hand of his responsibility Mireia Barba:

This problem is real, its consequences are too high and the planet can not afford such numbers. Now the solution is simple and is in our hands. We have repeated ad nauseam that of "the important thing is inside", so we need only be convinced of this. Do you dare to give an opportunity to products im-perfect?

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