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The movement #weekender, new lifestyles and opportunities for restaurants


The last day of HospitalityInnovationPlanet, last February was held, I met at the door of the space we manage with my friend from Gastrouni Diego Olmedilla. He spoke passionately of the wonders of the new "movement" presented in space attached to our: the movement #weekender.

While he was telling me, I realized that I fit the profile. Why, They have defined as, the #weekenders are "young" (the 50 They are new 30, They are not strict in the spectrum of age) generally They are eating out midweek and do it healthily seek to be the gastronomic whims who want weekends.

That is to say, This is a profile that looks after their food complements routine and doing some sport (yes, stair climbing is sport), to not feel "guilty" for going a little weekend.

further, They have created a manifesto reads: The Weekenders embrace normality, we care midweek to enjoy the weekend. We are people who know that above all must live, without excessive rules, without excessive guilt, without excessive punishment ... Even have an identifying gesture that promote among their Instagram community and a song that defines them.

The same weekenders They are the ones who give voice in social networks, calling on restaurants to expand their view and can offer interesting proposals with healthier menus and adjusted in quantity and service times. The weekenders they want to eat less quantity, more good and healthy and faster. They are even willing to pay more for it ... and if we can take, ¡bingo!

There are many trends that businesses restaurateurs are resonating and, personally, I believe that the #weekenders can become a very interesting target and with enormous potential for restaurants that choose to offer a cuisine adapted to them. Fortunately, more and more establishments are including healthy alternatives to meet the needs of these new profiles.

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products based on healthy diet and “Tributes” occasional

If we stop to think, we all have around us someone, or even ourselves, we follow a similar routine to that lead by the flag weekenders. Most try to follow a diet based on fresh products and healthy, but we keep giving us "tributes" when the occasion calls or just when we want.

The healthy food has a growing importance in any restoration model. It is no trend, it has become a habit for many and must be within the strategic objectives of the cuisine of the brand. How? Adapting products and offering alternatives: options for a single diner, vegan dishes, flexitarianos, without gluten, etc. But having a common denominator, good subsequent digestion. Another trend that will speak in another article.

Industry players can take advantage of the #weekender more movement they are those that are part of organized restoration. These companies can quickly adapt to new movements and trends, as they are available to the public: good location in cities, near jobs, Prices are content over the competition, They have prestige and are recognized ...

Without going into the debate on whether it is more a lifestyle than a trend, what if I have clear is that the beneficial health products will go crescendo, becoming the key products catering establishments.

As he stated by my great friend and director of the digital newspaper, Diego Coquillat, A few years ago the restaurants it was only on special occasions or when there was something to celebrate, Today we go to the restaurants to feed, so as hoteliers must provide a letter with various options to suit new customer demands. I am #weekender, and you?

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