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The Kuala Selangor N.16, the bus restaurant in the middle of rice fields


It is increasingly difficult to highlight the design and decoration of the premises in the restaurant industry, as it is pretty much invented at this point. Nevertheless, there are still resourceful entrepreneurs who find their niche to cause surprise customers. This is the case of N.16, a Malaysian restaurant in a bus, "Parked" beside a rice field in the district of Kuala Selangor, as told in Discover KL.

The first impression that yields the restaurant is already unique in itself. In the middle of a vast area of ​​green fields, we find a container resting on a vintage bus, of a worn green and white. Inside this transport we see that the rows of seats have been replaced by wooden tables and chairs Bus, maintaining the character of the old school.


The N.16 also has terraces let you enjoy exterior views property, making it one of the few that offers this possibility in the city of Selangor.

As to This innovative cuisine resto-bus, We found the shrimp soup, It is consisting of a cooked maristos and frescoed broth or prawns, if spicy foods are preferred, can be ordered the spicy crab garlic oil, cooked with chili.


As we can see in the pictures, both around like dishes N.16 we are forced to make a stop in their social networks. Everything around this quirky restaurant is worthy of publication in the networks and so do both their customers and themselves. In their accounts Facebook e Instagram We can find all the necessary reasons to stay with the desire to visit the N.16 of Kuala Selangor, and is that the vintage can be perfectly behind the wheel of innovation.

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  1. Merla Paco Sánchez on

    The true essence of these countries sample the local cuisine is not a version of pasta with crab called “to oglio” you can find delicacies like rolling street restaurants installed on a motorcycle and eat just 1 euro and truly delve into local culture. My personal recommendation is to forget the pizzas, pastas and burgers whenever one is not in beautiful Italy or America.

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