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The new bot recommended restaurants Yelp users


Yelp He has launched a new bot (robot) what, through his profile on Twitter @YelpAyuda, you can do recommendations to users in less than a minute. This application is available to users of the thirty countries where the company operates and who can now find the best recommendations with only one twit.

his functioning, based on I.A (Artificial intelligence) It is quite simple, just mention @YelpAyuda accompanied by what you want to find and select the location or directly the "near me". In less than a minute the platform will send a recommendations based on your tastes and preferences.

This query can also be performed by emoji, bringing simplicity to find a restaurant that serve certain food is full. No more nor write it, icon with food that is, It will be enough. The latter idea is a detail that we discovered a few months ago the British chef Jamie Olvier, who to promote a new cookbook, It enabled from a Facebook profile chatbot with which fans could interact only using emoji for recipes.


The languages ​​that will be available this innovation, There will be three: the Spanish (@YelpAyuda), English (@YelpHelpMe) and Portuguese (@Ye lpAjuda).

Virtual assistants, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: the future of restaurants

No doubt this is a novelty that will follow closely to analyze how it has impacted this measure, both qualitatively and quantitatively in Yelp, He has opted for Artificial Intelligence to improve service It is offering its users.

While this is the first system to recommend restaurants thanks to Machine Learning (Automated learning), already we have robotic systems responsible for performing specific functions amid the productive routines of a restaurant, as Flippy, the robot able to prepare hamburgers in Silicon Valley and is working already serving human.

The restaurant industry is innovating and reinventing its essence at all times in order to address a scanning process that is becoming more intense. The predictive intelligence It will allow us to be able to better understand customers and their behaviors, which will make companies, businesses and restaurants can make better decisions and make their actions more effective.

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