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The new McDonald's EOTF copies the Apple Stores to improve the user experience and sales


Under the slogan "Experience the future", McDonald’s It has opened a new store in Chicago largely reminiscent of the famous Apple stores.

It is not the first company that makes. Before McDonald's did Microsoft, Tesla, Samsung, Disney, AT&T, LEGO, Best Buy, JCPenney, Sony and probably countless minor brands. So much so, that since Apple initiated legal action to protect the image and style that distill these iconic stores.

In 2014, the company received the approval of the Court of Justice of the European Union to protect its intellectual property in the field of architecture and disposition of property. in EE. THE. and other markets, the company allocates significant amounts to defend this asset.

But not having received the court pass above all stop being ironic. The truth is that, like many other innovations that the company likes to brag, Store this scheme is anything but itself. It is simply a evolution of the provision of furniture and presentation used in luxury hotels brand Ritz-Carlton.

In any case it is worth asking why all these big brands strive to copy the design become popular by Apple. Without going into details, enough to know that Apple Store retail stores are producing higher sales volume per unit area in its market segment. According to the latest data available, published by market research agency eMarketer and cost, At the beginning of 2018 Productivity was established in 51419.23 €/m2, well above local competition.

Not surprising then that other companies, from industries and industries as diverse, are lagging behind those juicy additional benefits.

With this first question resolved, Now the question arises what are the unique design decisions get boost sales are.

As well, There are several underlying solutions that are already present in the McDonald's EOTF Chicago. One of the most apparent is the glass facade and spacious and airy spaces facilitate transit inside the establishment.

McDonald's have opted for this arrangement of furniture after evaluating the volume of diners seated at tables at every moment, and match it with queues and congestions forming in traditional restaurants. they say well goodbye to crowded tables they just let personal space to make way for a new stage in the maximum supported Apple: making the transition from simple customer to optimize the user experience.

Still room for improvement in this and other McDonald's. For example, currently interactive kiosks for self-service have raised many concerns among workers are still very bulky and interrupt the line of sight into the room.

This is negative. The reason why open spaces cause an increase in perceived volume of sales is due to the flow of customers through the different areas of the establishment. A) Yes, roominess incites the visitor's curiosity, which often ends up buying additional items, whether in the form of McFlurry, in the case of McDonald's, or for iPhone in the case of Apple Stores.

It is the same principle that advocates the stairs and glazed floors, and they are inviting to flow between floors, something that neither has been implemented in the new McDonald's EOTF Chicago.

On the other hand, although technological innovations put in place (mobile payment, kiosks and the like) suggest a reduction in the size of the area of ​​cash and orders, this has not happened. It keeps the imposing front taken directly from the hoteliers Ritz-Carlton.

Menus juxtapose similar items, Besides. This is a business strategy widely used by Apple in its stores. You are encouraged to try new products like other known and sow opportunities for diners turn your attention to possible complementary items with which to complete your order. Thus, This is another way to boost sales in the restaurant, Once an odd way out of organized explored restoration.

McDonald's also They provide the necessary tools for customers to know more about the products they are about to consume. This is an effort to please the younger generation (millennials Y Centennial). This demographic cares, in addition to the taste and price, multiple other aspects may be the ethical treatment of animals, carbon footprint, food source, social mission of the brand, And a long etcetera. It is a good strategy if desired appeal to the conscience of consumers concerned.

Apple has been compared sometimes with a cult because recurring clientele is staunchly fanatical of its products. McDonald's has always possessed a strong brand image, and his isologotipo Golden Arches it is unmistakable. Even so, It never hurts one clientelar extra loyalty easily obtained through ambush marketing and mere analogy.

Undoubtedly, the most radical and most transformative capacity of all that has adopted the Chicago McDonald's EOTF change is not in the structure of restaurant, but in the service,. Surprisingly renowned hamburger chain seems to defend a slowing fast food.

It has reemerged service camaraderie at the table. A service that had become obsolete because of the relentless race to reduce waiting times.

Now customers can enjoy their companions no need to keep sharp eye to pick up your orders. Something that invites conversation, It reduces stress levels and positively influences the user experience. McDonald's wants to position itself as a meeting place, as they have succeeded before Apple stores between techies, or cafeterias Starbucks for hipsters.

It remains to be seen if they do. To start the regulars have lost their local Rock N’ Roll lifelong, now turned into this kind of "McDonald's Store '. In case of success, the store model could be extended by other local EOTF, already available in many countries around the world, including Spain.

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