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The new restaurant pop up 'Twin Peaks' opens in London


Fans of 'Twin Peaks' are in luck. Until the 16 October, They will be open doors'The Owls Are Not What They Seem’, a restaurant that recreates the atmosphere of the popular television series directed by David Lynch.

Taking advantage of the return of the series in 2017, The proponents of this creative idea in Spain but not so novel in UK -are many bars pop up inspired television series that have been carried out in England, Lemonade and Laughing Gas y Blanch & Shock, They wanted to offer the British public an immersive experience in the world 'Twin Peaks' in which the characters are mixed with the decor and cuisine. A) Yes, guests can taste the famous cherry pie or ask for a "cursed" cup of coffee surrounded by the Lynchian aesthetic that caused such a furor in the country in the early 90.

The entrance is allowed only to adults and could be acquired so early from the day 15 of July. Quickly they sold out dates for dinner. For £ 66.50 (just over 90 euros) You can enjoy a welcome cocktail, tasting menu of three courses and access to post-show dinner and, even, costume contests with prizes every night for the best costumes in the style of 'Twin Peaks' are made. For those who prefer a quieter evening, there is an option only access to the bar area, whose input costs £ 6 (some 8 euros).

In Spain local supply of this type is rather scarce. Barcelona is the Bhrm, a bar-pub drinks that plunges us into the atmosphere of 'Lost' ("Lost"). In the midst Poble Nou, You can eat a snack overlooking the Oceanic plane or ask one of his famous beers Bharma, The specialty of the house, along with the trap bunker. Valencia can also travel to Wonderland with just cross the door Café de las Maravillas. Rosas, poker cards and many watches do not be late for tea is what awaits us in this cafe dedicated to Disney's Alice.

Outside our borders there are all kinds of themed bars and restaurants set in TV series. Who has not wanted to enter the mythical Central Perk of 'Friends' and sitting on the orange couch and wait for your turn coffee, if the white with yellow spots or smooth? Well you can do Beijing, Dubai the London. Not to mention the universe 'Simpsons'. Establishments within the theme park Universal Studios Orlando take you to Springfield to have a Krusty Burger -in our country there are also several local called so but only borrow the name, in any case the aesthetics or feeling Homer Simpson ensconced in the bar Moe's Tavern with a cold Duff.

Another of the most acclaimed series is 'Breaking Bad'. The successful production of AMC has many followers who have decided to mount a series inspired by his favorite bar as, for example, I do not Kadikoy (Istanbul), Where is he Walter’s Coffee Roastery, a bar-like laboratory where cooking methamphetamine. Even employees serve coffee in test tubes dressed in yellow jumpsuit with Walter White and his professional colleagues make drugs.

Also in London there is an establishment called ABQ -de Albuquerque, American city where Series- set in the world Heisenberg develops. The curious thing about this business is that your home is a caravan model RV, identical to the leading Mr. White and Jesse Pinkman by the New Mexico desert. Definitely, a highly recommended experience for fans of the series.

A themed bar set in a particular TV series is a safe bet. First, by the general shortage of such establishments and, the novelty, which always has a better chance of becoming successful that the copy of the copy. Second, because the fan phenomenon arises even in the most unexpected places and you never know where a staunch follower of 'The Sopranos' or 'How I Met Your Mother' will appear. And third and last, but not least, man is consumer television nature and, Who would not want to enter the world of your favorite series?

The new pop up on Twin Peaks is a more initiative in the UK, especially in London, where there is a wide range of TV-style bars. The rest of ‘seriéfilos‘ choice but to leave our country to enjoy our favorite series in the best possible environment to see them and experience them we have no; that is to say, within them.

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