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Criptomonedas payment in restaurants is already possible in digital kiosks Korea


Korea remained Asian market criptodivisas banner over a long period of time until government policies took a turn for 180 degrees last year.

Despite strong regulations imposed, the proximity of countries with great interest scenarios cripto, as well as the history of the southern states of the peninsula, It makes Koreans continue betting on currencies.

To accelerate the adoption of criptodivisas in Korea, often to be promoted initiatives that stimulate industry at the same time provide facilities and benefits to users. Thus, not surprising that Bithumb, exchanger based in Seoul, has propelled the implementation of a new POS terminals (TPV) in several dining options that will make payments criptomonedas.

Touch -so B has been called the system- It is a joint effort of the Department of Innovation and Bihumb three manufacturers kiosks: Tros Systems, I’m U y Unos Pay. Installing kiosks to restaurants run from exchanger, in addition to enhancing the market in the country criptodivisas, see one opportunity to take on new business.

Few details on the technical characteristics of the kiosks for Bithumb restaurants that have permeated the media, but it is known that users will benefit from reduced tariffs by 10% compared to the usual kiosks in competition.

The clientele of local stations that have Touch B may consult menus establishments, select the products they want to consume and pay. The usual methods of payment for restaurants are accompanied by a plethora of crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Currency, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoing Gold, ZCash, EOS and Qtum among others.

In addition to the possibility of payment directly by criptodivisas, Bithumb works overtime to produce a complete new method to add funds to our wallets electronic from kiosks and likely only require the use of a password.

Low-cost solution for small businesses

Although Bithump not yet ruled on the software used in the kiosks for restaurants, Yes they have commented on their goals. In an interview ZDNet Korea, spokesman exchange platform mentioned that the “business entry kiosk is significant for provide substantial benefits and low cost to small business owners” and that the company would continue “working in various technology-based industries block chain (…) to provide comprehensive solutions to small businesses across our society” in the future.

The popularity of kiosks for ordering food in Korea, coupled with the low operating costs Touch System B and the interest in the criptodivisas among Korean youth, promise to make the kiosk for restaurants a milestone. At this time, Bithumb whether toils tying the ends with state regulators. Unwanted unforeseen unacceptable.

So that everything goes smoothly, the company has to comply with new standards set by the FSS (Financial Supervisory Service) and it will necessarily be obliged to provide information on bank accounts to meet the requirements of transparency and the fight against money laundering.

A) Yes, in addition to help manufacturers kiosks, Bithumb will rely on retail banking and housing Nonghyup Shinhan Bank to develop a payment system signed criptodivisas and validation of credentials.

The system could reach several chains Korean restaurants this year.

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