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Mobile payment, a growing trend in the restaurant industry with examples like Club Vips


One of the technological megatrends in the world of restoration in this 2019 are the payment systems Custom they starting to appear in more and more businesses.

These systems are often integrated into apps phones designed by the brands or digital rewards systems. Function as a purse in any other market Ecommerce: the user deposits funds into this purse and then can make purchases without bothering to refill your financial information back. further, These systems offer a great facility to recharge the money in the account, so that this becomes fully operational in a jiffy.

While many industry analysts have indicated that the adoption of this technology would determine this year, yet few case studies have been published. A) Yes, if we want real information we have to use reports as released by PYMNTS last February.

According to the report published by the news aggregator specializing in commercial transactions, satisfaction of users who have had the opportunity to use payment platforms themselves is very high. In fact, a 62% of study participants believe that the mere fact of being able to pay via a payment system will model itself unhindered consumer behavior in the immediate future; that is to say, these customers are more tempted to revisit the restaurant in question.

Not only that, users of fast food chains think that this technology, Collated with options takeaway demand scenario will dominate this niche market in, so they consider very difficult for brands operating in this sector manage to survive if they do not fit. The percentage of diners who thinks so is outrageously high, reaches a 84.1 percent, It is clear that this is a disruptive technology with high processing capacity of the user experience Diner.

Chains for organized catering and individual businesses that can not cope with the large initial investments involving the operation of this type of mobile payments with its own purse, Not everything is lost. More than four-fifths of the participants stated that they would comply with that mobile payment forms potenciasen any, whether these were based on technological solutions or owned restaurant. A) Yes, digital portfolios as Google Pay O Apple Pay It would be acceptable alternatives.

Strangely, The report states that the owners of the premises are kept out of these new payment methods because there is the perception that customers do not appreciate. Nothing is further from reality.

Considering these two diametrically opposed views, it is clear that for those restaurateurs eager to growth and guts to take the pioneering technology solutions for digital payments there is room for differentiation and gaining a competitive advantage.

Nevertheless, there is little time to make such important decisions how are you, as the restaurant chains influencing the market already moving.

This is the case for example VIPS, Ginos, Wagamama Y Fridays, in Spain. All of these restaurants have in common the use of app Mobile customer loyalty Club VIPS. Through this software Typical customers of these chains may opt to pay by the tool Pay & Go.

A) Yes, for a few months visitors of these 250 Spanish restaurants can pay without asking the waiter's attention so that this will bring the account, without having to wait for the paper finally reaches the table, without having to wait for staff camaraderie then collect the cash and return as appropriate.

This has several beneficial effects on consumer user experience. On the one hand frictions arising from the time of payment are significantly reduced, for another, They are considerably reduced waiting times in the local. This also has positive aspects for local owners. First, a content consumer is that they are more likely to leave reviews, comments and positive reviews on the net, and all the reputation online Property improvement. On the other hand, by reducing the time in which diners are at the tables, the possibility of serve more people without extending the hours being served.

Operation of Pay & Go integrated into the app Mobile Club VIPS is really simple, accessible to any user. When sitting at the table assigned, diners receive a QR code that scan with his mobile terminal. In doing so, all information about their consumption in the restaurant displayed. In this way they have a real and full control over your experience in the restaurant. Every time it increases the commands made from the table, the ticket is updated in real time, so there is no room for errors. After the meal, when the customer is satisfied, This runs from the mobile payment without further. Then you can leave the premises.

According to Carlos Mendez, director of Club VIPS, is an improved experience for partners. Pay & Go streamlines and simplifies substantially times without compromising quality service, while it is having an exceptional usability and financial security. From VIPS they seem to be completely convinced that this new payment method is the future, and customers seem to agree with them.

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