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Pizzushi revolutionizes the hybrid trend in food


We are in a golden age for creativity and innovation in culinary creations. Thanks to social networks like Instagram, fulfilling the role of promoting each new image, chefs, restaurants and especially conventional people have thrown en masse to photograph their dishes, which they are becoming more creative as well.

Amid all this maelstrom of madness and #foodporn, occasionally a new fad or trend that captures a large mass of users arises and becomes viral. The latest concept to suffer this phenomenon has been the pizzushi, a hybrid pizza and sushi, that is captivating world average users.

And the truth is that in recent times have seen countless concepts They jumped into the fray, luckiest each other. From Cronin, a kind of croissant / donut, the burger "meatzza”, that is to say, one burger served between two absolutely oozing cheese pizzas on all sides, through the dishes that drew scenes for smaller, or photographs desserts amazing scenes that recreate thumbnails. Cases are multiple.

Pizzushi: delicate and fresh flavors

Nevertheless, it seems that none of these has captivated much as pizzushi, Not even the burrito-sushi Starbucks recently who was selling in some establishments Chicago. This new trend has two fundamental factors that may explain their success; is about healthy dishes and those images in the foreground of the resulting creations are spectacular.

The pizzushi is a dish that combines a stunning look with fresh flavors and light, created this summer by the chief 24 Vy Duong years, of the Angels. Currently these curious snacks are sold in a few markets in the city, but They are viral, thanks to Instagram. The chef assures that created this new concept inspired by the huge amount of hybrid food that arise saw every day without much success. She did what had.

#Pizzushi 🍕🍙 New culinary hybrid comes from Los Angeles, and he promises to join the queen of Italian cuisine and the king of Japanese tradition into one, irreverent capacity 28/08/2017 di Filippo Piva Made by @kaithyvyyy__ from #losangeles Da @gqitalia #pizza #sushi #fusionfood #asianfusion #italianfood #japanesefood #pornfood #madeinla #sushifusion #japan #italy #usa

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#Pizzushi from @Pizzushi.LA at #626NightMarket this past weekend 👌🍕X 🍣

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¿Party of pizza or sushi? Why not both?

The base is made, first freezing and then flattening a ball sushi rice seasoned, then fry until crisp and firm enough so that you stick your fingers and is able to withstand all items to add, making the final appearance of a slice of real pizza.

Then Vy adds a layer of mayonnaise, generally spicy, with tuna or salmon marinated in sesame seeds, cut into very small pieces and some vegetables with green onions and cilantro, as every good dish foodie today, do not miss the cilantro falling at the last moment.

The concept is so simple and wonderful surprises that nobody has invented before, and also fully immersed in all that current trends, therefore part of healthy food, as hybrids between meals of different styles. further, the pizzushi has penetrated deep into the imagination of people, that is untying and every day we offer new dishes incredibly beautiful snapshots.

As good trend, the network has already been filled videos, Reviews and venerating this new concept food hybrid, delicious, healthy and visually captivating. Here we leave the best.

#Pizzushi from @Pizzushi.LA at #626NightMarket this past weekend 👌🍕X 🍣

A shared publication by #NailedbySally (@nailedbysally) he

#Pizzushi from @Pizzushi.LA at #626NightMarket this past weekend 👌🍕X 🍣

A shared publication by #NailedbySally (@nailedbysally) he

#Pizzushi from @Pizzushi.LA at #626NightMarket this past weekend 👌🍕X 🍣

A shared publication by #NailedbySally (@nailedbysally) he

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    I think we should thank, Diego and his team, this kind of gastronomic spread.

    Back to the topic once we have found a restaurant where you can try this dish that looks like a great success.

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