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The pleasure of eating healthy in a restaurant


‘Eco-friendly’, veganismo, vegetarian restaurants, ecological or organic restaurants. The trend of healthy eating has filled with restaurants and adjectives must learn to distinguish before we finish getting lost or ignoring a menu that can be delicious or eco-licioso!

To spare you go to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the terms we bring here to put some light on the subject.

  • Veganismo: consistent attitude in refusing food or consumer goods of animal origin.
  • Vegetarianism: diet based mainly on the consumption of plant products, but it supports the use of live animal products, like eggs, milk, etc.
  • Ecological: made or obtained without using chemicals that damage the environment.
  • Organic: agricultural or agro product produced under a set of procedures called "organic". In general, organic methods avoid the use of synthetic products, as pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

Faced with rising demand healthy food, healthy menus, ecology and ethics in agriculture and livestock and in the processing and handling of food, opting for restaurant that meets these characteristics It may be a good choice. Why, Besides, We will be heading to a target audience that so far has not had a direct and exclusive offer for them.

Vegans restaurants demanding your attention

Tel Aviv (Israel) It has been chosen as one of the cities' Amigables’ for vegans. Some 500 restaurants and cafes in Tel Aviv have turned their menu in 'friendly’ with vegans. Branch Domino’s Pizza It is the first of this chain in the world that has taken into account these customers. What started as a decision of corporate philosophy and gives benefits, with more than half a million pizzas sold in the last year in this country. If Domino's Pizza has done it, Why can not happen in your restaurant?

The vegan movement, struggling to spread a lifestyle free of products of animal origin, It is followed by about a 5% Israelis. This is because, partly, a Jewish and American activist, Gary Yourofsky. His lecture on Youtube He had 1,5 million visits in Israel, a country of just eight million. His message against the 'Animal Holocaust’ Caló in this country and many Israelis left the burger.

vegan restaurant in Valencia

Miobio is a restaurant-school-nutritionist vegan which it is located in Valencia. Emanuela upper y Sergio Brisa, the two partners Miobio, They had long listening “I want to eat healthy” and knew that many people did not know where to start and that's the demand that wanted to exit with Miobio. So, Besides, if a restaurant is also a training school. “We wanted to make a formation to this kind of food without dairy, sugarfree, animal fat and products 100% ecological”, explains Brisa, “at first we decided on a school but think about combining it with the restoration to create a gourmet vegan menu”.

Sergio explains that people think “the organic product is more expensive, and so, but when you consciences that are best cut down your shopping list and eventually basket leaves you for the same price”, assures. “People has struggled to understand this and then decided to charge the weight at the restaurant to set the maximum price”. This lets you adjust the price and people eat according to their daily needs.

The restaurant is buffet, allowing customers to try a little of everything and when you choose, They can weigh it and know the price. Among their star recipes are vegan pizzas, the quiche without eggs, dairy mayonnaise with soy milk and seitan burgers (Food preparation based wheat gluten).

The only cooking system they use to make their recipes is Saladmaster, by saving energy and because the low temperature cooking preserves all the nutrients and, as explained by the partners, as the base is titanium does not contaminate the food. Also the kitchen is purified water with Green filter system. Implement all these habits in your restaurant can be overwhelming, since it would change a whole routine. But when opt for a vegan restaurant must be clear that this is a makeover not only, but a complete transformation of the corporate philosophy.

But as in all cases, You need to look for added value involving our difference, to push the client to choose us. Emanuela and Sergio decided to use their experience and training for it. Emanuela, when nutritional coach, It is available to all customers. So at the restaurant they have a nutritionist whose service is integrated into the local free. further, every Wednesday perform a chat, also free, with topics such as the importance of not eating refined sugar or milk. In these talks the courses that teach five or six to add breakfast recipes, food and dinner.

This is an example that adopting the vegan philosophy in your restaurant means just that same, adopt a philosophy, not worth a simple makeover, is much more. In Miobio have very clear philosophy and know that it lies one of its added values. “Our mission is to offer a comprehensive and varied diet that meets your nutritional needs. All our food is organic and seasonal, looking especially promoting local producers to bring to your plate the freshest products, from the garden to the restaurant”, and describe part of his philosophy.

As for the vegetarian menu it is more common to find dishes that meet these requirements in the letter of any restaurant, instead, vegetarian restaurants are few compared to traditional.

If there is not a street focused on these customers, It may be an appropriate place to install yours. It does not have to be an ordinary restaurant, We can opt for dishes and even a quick processing business veggie burgers. In the enterprise there are some limits but imagination when it is not at the cost of exorbitant prices is not one of them. So you can choose to make and become a supplier of some of these products, Lentil as meat, for example.

Another idea is to mount, in an area of ​​the establishment but differentiated Restaurant, shop vegetarian or vegan products. So we make sure that potential customers in our store will be close to her and know.

Restaurants eco-friendly for foodies and for you

Organic restaurants, and the organicco-friendly, They have become the latest trend for those who want to eat well and healthily. To enjoy this meal and this kitchen is not necessary to be a vegetarian or vegan, you just have to be willing to eat well and differently. Herein it is what we have to think about whether we want to create a organic restaurant. It is preferable to orient as a establishment where quality products obtained are naturally, which it is a direct consequence of our intention to preserve the environment. In the end, organic food is free of chemicals and other foreign substances and pollutants, in the long run, can affect the body.

Cities like NY, London or Paris have a long list of addresses where it is easy to find these restaurants. Instead, in Spain this trend still remains shy but already picked up in some very interesting places that are gaining in originality and beyond, cozy spaces where eating is a healthy pleasure. In Madrid, for example, it's found Hi Everybody where you can taste snacks eco-gourmet with Argentine touches to the rhythm of jazz and tango. ¡Eco-licious!

In this case, there is nothing better than learning testing. So, If you were thinking of a vegan restaurant, vegetarian ecological, both from the customer's perspective and from the entrepreneur, it's best to jump to taste this food that is also healthy trend and. Bon Appetite.

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