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The pleasure of silence comes to restaurants with the campaign “Eating noiselessly”


The bell “Eating noiselessly” aims to improve the acoustic comfort of bars and restaurants to provide better and more rewarding culinary experience.

We live in a world where we value very little pleasure silence, conceive noise as commonplace and everyday in our environment. We have learned to live with it, to be present in all facets of our daily lives. But if we stop to think, Share acoustically saturated spaces is anything but pleasant and enjoyable.

For this reason, the bell “Eating noiselessly” seeks to end this problem loudness so present in our society and, to start fight, He has set his sights on hostelry.

Remove noise from the dining experience

A) Yes, The objective of this initiative is primarily end the “effect coffee” that takes place in bars and restaurants, which it appears when the noise level in the room is so high that forces us to speak out to talk to the person next to us.

Who has not happened dining out with friends to a restaurant Y, as this is filled with people, the level of conversation rises to the point of having almost shouting to interact with your colleagues sitting at table? At the end of the local sales with sore throat, headache and feeling that it was not entirely pleasant dinner.

In the Web page of the Bell “Eating noiselessly” It indicated how any bar or restaurant can join this initiative simply was discharged. In this way it will become part of a list of Local pursuing achieve greater acoustic comfort for its customers.

further, on the web we can find tips to turn our bars and restaurants in local acoustically pleasing, as well as the criteria used for an establishment into compliance marking to be considered a space with adequate levels of noise.

How to make your restaurant a nice place acoustically

The correct spacing of the tables, good soundproofing the premises or not use devices such as radio or television simultaneously are some of the tips that are recommended for acoustically accessible spaces.

Since many catering establishments have joined this initiative to convert their premises in nicer places acoustically.

But not only in Spain are being carried out initiatives how are you. In the noisy New York City there is not a restaurant where you look for a friendly atmosphere acoustically, but the local itself is a temple where absolute silence reigns.

This is the restore youEat“, a small place for 25 where diners eat at all mandatory silence and turn your phone off when entering. What you are looking for the owner is “give people the opportunity to appreciate food with special attention, an impossible experience in a noisy dinner, particularly in a city like New York“.

In our country there are already many restaurants and renowned chefs who have joined this initiative throughout the national territory. names like Pedro Subijana and restaurant Akelarre, Martin Berasategui O Ramón Freixa They are just a few that have already converted their premises in places where noise does not interfere with the sense of taste.

The bell, “Eating noiselessly” born from the hand Association “Listening is key”, a project that seeks to improve the quality of life of people with hearing impairments, working to improve acoustics in buildings and premises, Acoustically creating accessible spaces for all.

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    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hi Cesar, Thanks for your comment. It is clear that in many establishments becomes annoying sound level is reached. We think that this type of initiative the opportunity to enjoy the dining experience is more fully power, Do not you think? regards!

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hi Javier, Thanks for your comment. Like everything, It is a matter of taste and will have to see how this whole issue of education and noise in restaurants in the future. The Spanish, in general, We are a culture “gritona”, but I am confident that we are increasingly better educated to enjoy pleasant experiences in restaurants, no noise bothering.

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