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SMARTbite plan: improve the distribution of food delivery by artificial intelligence


Two megatrends converge today in the world of restoration. On the one hand you have the incessant adoption of new technological solutions Restaurant in space: Kitchen robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and so on. On the other hand you have the continuous increase takeway, the drive-thru, orders online and home delivery food, they have completely changed the picture associated with traditional restaurants.

SmartBeam, a company based in Malaysia that specializes in the home delivery of food in the Asian market is trying to put together the best of the two branches to take advantage of its competitors.

The mobility market in Asia is dominated by major initiatives not very big but with strong local penetration. Nevertheless, At present, none of the participants has mastered the entire territory, because unlike what one might think at first, the region is very diverse and each country's consumption habits are different and the clientele has its native peculiarities.

have not been very successful Western companies have tried to pounce on this market. some like Deliveroo scalded have left after losing resources and have preferred to acquire stakes in local companies.

Given the volatility of the sector in Asia is logical to understand why the Malaysian firm commitment artificial intelligence.

With the new system powered by IA, SMARTbite has been proposed to make the way we eat the working population in the capital is simpler. Analyzing the preferences and behavior of these professionals can be predicted to some extent what the menus that work best are, thus reducing the excessive number of options that may delay orders and block services at peak times.

Improvements in app moving company not only bring advantages in user experience with which customers are. SmartBrite followers also notice changes in your pocket. Al improve productivity and reduce delivery times, also you are achieved reduce the amount diners have to pay.

According to the founder of SMARTbite, Gabriel Fadda, "The data are used to cure the best meals for our customers. We are able to identify quality, user proximity, feedback customer and monitor deliveries and services we provide to customers'.

It also contributes to the care of the planet. With the new app Mobile is possible to perform a detailed monitoring stock so as to reduce food waste. The sustainability in food it is more important every day, and this is a fact that has not gone unnoticed professionals working in SMARTbite.

The decision to use artificial intelligence ensure that the company continues to grow in coming years. Since SmartBeam It was founded in 2017, The company's growth has been exponential. The mobile application already has 20 000 registered users, and this impacts very positively on the economic performance of the company: turnover has increased 250 percent from the opening.

SMARTbite is not the only growing. Restaurants have relied on the start-up dedicated to home delivery of food have also experienced improvements in their box. Following statements by Fadda, some of restaurants have seen their monthly income increased around 30% to join the initiative SMARTbite.

Now you start using even more advanced technological system, which undoubtedly will make a clear competitive advantage over alternative services, this growth could be even higher. And even more if you consider that Fadda has confirmed that even more innovations implemented in the near future: "Technology is the key to expand and minimize human operating costs. If you have the right solution for the market and the market you are ready for your service or product, then technology can help you expand your business quickly and efficiently».

A) Yes, offering a higher quality service, SMARTbite has carved a niche in the difficult market of home delivery of food in Asia.

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