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Vegan cheese, the last frontier in plant-based foods


When a Vegetarian Vegan Ask a person with normal diet why not follow a diet based entirely on natural products, one of the most frequent answer is that meat substitutes, dairy and eggs far in their characteristics organoleptic about the true, considering the lower first.

This prejudice is usually derived from the ancient vegetarian and vegan products left much to be desired. But since they appeared those, It has greatly advanced when replicating touch, taste and smell of the original. So much, simply considering current products and those of a few years ago, the difference is already abysmal.

Nevertheless, not all good news. Unconvincing vegan foods still have a flagship: the cheese.

However, sales begin to show the light at the end of the tunnel. According to data from the Association of Food Vegetable Base in California (OF. UU.), June 2017 to June 2018 an increase was experienced in the turnover referred to vegan cheese. A increase 43% representing a total of 124 millions of dollars.

The trend is global according to Research and Markets, until 2023 growth of turnover will be observed 7.7% annual.

The reasons for growing the market are many-colored: increased adoption of veganism, better understanding of disorders due to lactose intolerance and the use of non-dairy cheese food bakery and several.

Various brands vying for hegemony in this market.

One is the Canadian Daiya, which already has a history of ten years and abundant products, among which include 23 vegan cheeses presented in different formats, Greek yogurt, pizzas, cheeseburgers, desserts and salads. All plant-based foods free of animal products.

Kite Hill It is another producer of cheeses. Son select suppliers for vegan restaurants and specialty food shops. Demand exceeds production, but not for long; thanks to 40 millions of dollars from investors, Kite Hill will expand its production line.

These companies are just two in the multitude of emerging companies seeking to gain a space in this new market seething. Other names worth following closely are Miyoko’s Kitchen, Treeline, Violife, Follow your Heart, Y Field Roast’s Chao.

According to Michael Lynch, CEO of Daiya, the situation is positive for all: "We have seen increased competition in this industry over the past decade, but we see it as something positive for our brand because the competition in this space is what is bringing new options to our consumers'.

We will have to try these vegan cheeses and check how convincing are. If you do not like, always we know that there is a large research and development work looking how to make the product more faithful from the traditional cheese, so give it another try in a few years can change our view.

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