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Facial recognition and lets you know if a restaurant is full before going


The evolution of the process of techno-transformation of the restaurant industry sector is absolutely unstoppable, every day I discover new advances that bring a different value to this process.

Today I share with you, a new utility based on exploring the faces of the people who go to restaurants, through what is known as the facial recognition, one camera-based system is used primarily for security, but already allowing, meet customers and owners of restaurants, concrete data, and in real time, the amount and type of occupation of an establishment.

I mean new app called SceneTap, you have already installed face recognition cameras over 400 bars and restaurants United States, allowing to obtain demographic data as interesting as the following:

  • Total occupancy percentage Restaurant
  • Ratio of women and men
  • Average age differentiated by sex

In the next picture you can see how user access from your smartphone to this information:

Reconociemnto faciel

a range of endless possibilities opens, in which the essence is to help customers better make their decision on the restaurant chosen, as such, They will be able to avoid long waits if the restaurant is full or turn to those who by age feel more identified.

Not only that, the restaurants will help you improve efficiency in the peaks and valleys in their occupancy rate, better understand their customers and to make products and marketing campaigns that perfectly fit your niche.

In the following video you can see different testimonies about SceneTap:

Undoubtedly the discussion of privacy opens, as on many other occasions it happens on technological advances, as people, for the moment, they can not avoid being recognized by technology. Against this, creators warn that this application must differentiate very well between recognition and detection, and also, No information is stored, if not every few minutes is deleted and updated.

Writing this article, I could not help remembering, the scene of Steven Spielberg movie, Minority Report, where advertising impacts received Tom Cruise, Thank You were performing facial recognition cameras where the protagonist walking.

It seems that once again can become reality than fiction.

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