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Home delivery, investments in technology and vegan foods megatrends that will direct the course of the restaurants in the coming years


The catering market is demanding and competitive, and browse a complex and changing environment. To try to maintain the level or achieve an advantage over competitors, the implantation technology It is an absolute necessity. But it is also necessary to know in detail what the market developments, the main trends. Only then they can seize opportunities and niches that would otherwise remain unexplored.

That's why a meeting like Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) held at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa Phoenix (Arizona, OF. UU.) and lecturers as Saverio Ferrero, Magic Johnson, Karina Coen, Robert Gates, Johnny Wilkinson y Sarah Thomas (to name a few), It is an opportunity not to be missed if you have interest status restoring market.

This is credited with record attendance of the event, which this time attracted over 1200 professionals: restaurateurs, marketing specialists, economic analysts, investors and so on.

The reason why this edition of the famed EPIRB broke its historical record audience was also due largely to the talks scheduled.

On the whole, during the weekend meeting was held in which, four macrotendencias that profoundly affect modern restoration they came to light. The summarized below for the information of our readers.

1.- Commissions companies Delivery

None of the companies competing in this sector can be considered a monopoly in the strict sense of the word, but if we look at how dominate local markets, considerations may change.

What is changing is the situation of these leading local companies. Expansion strategies have reached Uber Eats, Deliveroo, JustEat and others, so that now being debated in the grounds. In order to compete for restaurants that operate exclusively they are forced to cut commissions Bleeding that had been taken so far.

This step is also a preemptive move against possible actions by economic giants. So much Amazon as Google They have hinted that they are interested in taking part of this cake. Reduce profit margins with which they could operate would have a deterrent effect on these future potential competitors.

2.-Customers outside the restaurant

He increasing consumption of meals outside the physical Restaurant (off-premise) is a change in consumer trends than anyone expected user. Until recently he prevailed provide space for classrooms, always with a view to be able to accommodate both visitors as possible.

Now, the vast majority of users want to receive restaurant meal at home or pick them yourself to taste the kitchen work elsewhere. The context today no longer puts the restaurant, the customer has the technology enough to choose the context where you want to live your dining experience.

A) Yes, has gone from a model in which the class size limited the number of clients that could serve to enter a new paradigm in which speed preparation of food orders in the kitchen is the one that dictates how many people can attend. Restaurants are no longer limited by square meter, by chairs or tables, Today restaurants provide their products to streets, barrios, cities or countries.

3.- constant investments in technology

Technology is changing the world of restoration. Any of those attending the RLC can attest to that because this perception was repeated again and again by the various speakers.

However, vs. large investments momentary, industry begins to prefer moderate investments sustained over time.

There are many reasons why this works best, but one of them is the great speed with which evolves technology. To illustrate the case take the example of a restaurant to make a huge investment in kiosks autopedido few years ago would at this time without purchasing power now that those same kiosks can equip forecasting systems orders, facial recognition and other technologies unthinkable only five years ago.

4.- vegan foods and vegetable meat substitutes

The vegan diet He has caught force. Even in Spain we already have almost 4 million vegetarians.

This fact was revealed in RLC, especially Lisa's hand Ingram, Executive Director White Castle, Restaurant with long tradition that after 41 years without changing its menu included three hamburgers successfully meatless.

The work done for vegetable substitutes for meat today they are unstoppable. And in parallel working overtime to develop laboratory meat, cultivated in bioreactors from a few muscle cells.

What the future holds is uncertain, What we do know is that those who are kept informed on developments in vegan options can serve a niche and large, but increasingly larger.

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