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Sharing food at home hotels gives the go-ahead


The digital age has brought increased competition in the sector restoration. While the user experience is improved to be able to reserve a table or ask for more comfort food, Restaurants competed before passers-by and residents of a neighborhood now face each other urban or interurban level.

With a view to reaching a wider audience, the services home delivery food there have been opportunistically as a winning proposition for all those catering establishments willing to package their food, sacrifice some of the benefits (the inverted portion is lost as a fee for services rendered by deliverers), and devote greater efforts to digital advertising, can only viable way to publicize the possibility of an order online users.

According to some analysts, this patent trend over recent years will only continue to increase until at least 2025. In this market segment, increasingly important for restorative, the growth rate will be above the 10% year after year, at least within the stipulated period.

With these forecasts so positive is not surprising that companies are vying for hegemony in this field put all the meat on the grill.

Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Glovo, by Dash and many other companies are struggling, each with their own strategies, to achieve the leading position.

The last chapter in this incessant struggle to overcome rival firms the stars in DoorDash. The company based in the US. THE. It is still small outside the borders of the American country. At the moment its business strategy seems to be focused on maintain a strong presence in the US. Companies like Uber Eats competitors are in the process of expansion in Asia, and they might be neglecting their territory EE. UU., a fact that is being used by DoorDash.

In what way? Because relying on one of the most important trends in this year restoration. Coined as the main macrotendency of 2019 by analysts, DoorDash want to use the systems of rewards and loyalty programs for their own benefit.

and follows the trail marked by giants restoration as Starbucks Y McDonald’s already they are using these applications to improve your product selection, perceived volume of business, efforts marketing Y, especially, to fix customers.

DoorDash some weeks ago announced that it would ally with the hotel chain Wyndham Hotels & Resorts for serve more than 3700 hotels regentados by this corporation on US soil.

The basic business model DoorDash in these buildings will be to provide a Service catering to rooms, so that the hotels lower their responsibilities with regard to the preparation of meals.

Those who spend the night in hotels like Days Inn, Super 8 O The fifth will have the opportunity to combine a stay at a low price with the possibility to choose the food that most appeals to them without incurring excessive costs.

This is a pioneering experience that has barely been tested by other hotel chains. Hotel employees benefit by reducing staff maintaining employee, and at par the customer has a much larger chart, being able to select food restaurants most appreciated.

Something similar to what has been done in Spain for some time the project Le Room Service, a specialized company outsourcing F Service&B hotel rooms and tourist apartments. A cost-effective alternative to room service through innovation and service culinary trends and has among its clients major hotels.

But collaboration between by Dash y Wyndham Hotels & Resorts not ends here. Besides the basic service,, enters the game reward system having the hotel chain running. Known as Wyndham Rewards, loyalty program reward users employing services DoorDash.

This measure is intended to achieve recurring business, espolear the company use of home food delivery and accelerate the implementation of the new system. People staying at hotels get 200 Wyndham Rewards points when you make a request online in DoorDash during your stay, and if they were not previously registered in the application of the delivery company, They will be rewarded with 2000 points to open a new profile.

DoorDash initiative responds to a reality little known: he 43% of travelers they say their aim to travel (primary or secondary) enjoy the gastronomic wonders that the destination has to offer.

For this reason it is expected that this type of collaboration among close sectors are becoming more common. One of the first experiences classifiable under this category took place in 2017. At that time the participants were OpenTable Y Grubःub by the catering sector and managers as restaurant reservations, and the InterContinental Hotel Group o IHG, a hotel corporation large buildings scattered held almost 100 countries of the world, by the hospitality sector.

The complexity of this type of collaboration is also increasing. Companies not directly involved in the reserves or the distribution of food at home also involved. We speak specifically of companies whose main task is to cure reserves online, as might be the case TripAdvisor (which is associated with among others DoorDash) O Kayak, A similar but smaller entity which operates successfully within US borders. THE.

We must wait to know the economic data of this year to see if the union of these two giants, By Dash y Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, It has been a success or whether on the contrary all expectations of benefits and expansion of turnover are watered.

What has not been expected was the response of the competing companies, which they have already put to work to sign their own agreements with other companies in the sector Hosteleras. It is the case Uber Eats I already changed its internal policy on service to hotels to facilitate this type of business. This aggressive approach has been, definitely, the first of many changes in the field of home food delivery. Room service traditionally operated in hotels could be next to disappear If other companies such as Just Eat or Deliveroo join the new stream of business.

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