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Blume restaurant in Las Vegas will feature performances and 4D holographic projections


If we talk about innovative restoration projects have to turn our eyes to themed restaurants and Theaters strongly oriented to comprehensive user experience. They are often found among such local the most iconic alternatives, bizarre and transgressive entire sector restoration.

Within this vanguardistas local group, Now comes a new commitment by the restorer Angelo J. Giordano in the city of Henderson (Nevada, OF. UU.). Angelo is a well-known restaurateur who has already left its mark on the city of a thousand and casinos.

The new business, which so far few details have leaked in the press, It called Blume. will curved bar and will demonstrate advanced technologies, as it has been known from documents requesting the granting of planning permission.

Among the innovative technologies for restoration include and mapping systems dimensional holographic projections.

These technologies have been widely explored in the field of accessibility to allow blind or disabled can pass through the local safely. In this case the reasons are not social Angelo, but none the less interesting.

To attract the interest of diners in town, It is studying how to transform the local thanks to holograms. The techies and the curious will be the main focus of a fancy restaurant with little competition in town. To them, They will be joined by lovers of fine cuisine, Since this is not an aspect that is intended to neglect in the Blume.

culinary and sensory experience

The systems are configured so that customers can relax while you wait for dinner to be served with Asian backdrop, and in another moment enjoy a completely natural environment that emphasizes natural products used as ingredients on the menu, to finally reach the bustle of the city streets of Memphis when taking the dessert. A journey through the dishes and while the world.

Angelo wants to catch the curious visitors an experience that stimulates all senses, not only smell, touch and taste. Hypnotics performances by three-dimensional mapping and holographic projections have already been tested in another establishment chain, Blume Las Vegas.

The restaurant with show Las Vegas delights consumers with menu worked and thoroughly studied, also usually present design plates signed by top chefs on the American scene, and international. It is expected to follow the same policy in Henderson.

Specific, fixed equipment of the new facility will include several personalities industry: Daniel Hackett Jr., who has previously passed by the BLK Live and White Chocolate Grill; and specializes in cocktails renowned local barman, Eddie Perales.

The place that aims to open in Henderson, It will also have an additional eccentricity. In an attempt to promote the restaurant has established a collaboration agreement with experts in aquaria Tank Aquatic Masters, hosts the acclaimed TV show Aquariums XXl Animal Planet.

It is expected then that the style lounge that will prevail in the local will be joined organic and colorful tropical fish drawings, who will swim free in Large aquariums installed on the walls enclosure.

Holographic projections are not new in the world of restoration, and we know well in Spain. On the island of Ibiza, he Paco Roncero Sublimotion uses this technology to create a light opera and music, images and dreams that leaves dumbfounded to customers.

Other applications include methods augmented reality or holograms for represent the dishes available (tearing down language barriers step and reducing the number of customers disabused), holographic attention as a substitute staff camaraderie, The method as entertainment alleviate the boredom that can cause Waits in the tails of fast food restaurants.

A reality for all fuzzy is that every day there are more restaurateurs who opt for this type of innovative technologies for restoration. What will be the next to appear?

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