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“The restaurant errors in order” which it employs people with dementia as waiters


We introduce you “The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes“ (restaurant errors in order) a It employs restaurant waiters with dementia and where you place an order but knowing what to eat will bring you a surprise.

In this restaurant you never know what you are eating when you sit at the table. On any other occasion, place an order and the waiter bringing another dish mistake, It should be a reason amply justified anger by the customers. Nevertheless, this restaurant has managed to turn around completely to this paradigm.

The restaurant where never guess right with what you have asked, He appeared in the district of Toyosu, in Tokyo, and the waiters and staff who work there, They are people with dementia.

The premise of this initiative pop-up, which he opened over a period of testing 2 al 4 June 2017, was that the waiters serving your order with dementia, so that customers should not be surprised if the request that comes to the table is wrong.

Walking along the boundaries of humor to provide a valuable lesson

It is that, when the client knows in advance that the waiter has this disease, see with new eyes the error. Even many play with anticipation over "to know what will bring me to eat ...", what can result, if by choice, even fun.

This dining experience It helps to realize that with a little understanding by all, Patients with dementia They can be perfectly integrated members in society.

As we could read on the US content platform boredpanda.com, the food blogger, Mizuho Kudo, He visited the restaurant and got a really fun experience. Originally he ordered a burger but ended up eating a bowl of meatballs, which turned out to be unexpectedly delicious. Kudo also said that eternal smiles of the waiters were more than contagious, what She helped him to have a really nice time.

Now, and after a trial period, one of those responsible for the pop-up restaurant Maggie’s Tokyo, the Japanese version of Maggie's UK, He is thinking of doing another express opening and for a time limited 21 of September, when the World Alzheimer's Day is celebrated. Without a doubt, we must be attentive to such initiatives.

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