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Restaurant McDonald's smallest of the world is full of bees


Organized restoration, especially when it comes to the leading brands in the world, we are accustomed to great fanfare. The size, sumptuous luxury and grabbing media attention and thus the attention of the public.

McDonald’s is no exception. One of the strategies that have been adopted in EE. THE. to reach new customers is to imitate the architecture of the Apple Stores. leading technology, large open spaces, windows that give way to natural light and lush greenery encourage Chicagoans (Illinois) and other US cities to taste the assortment of burgers great eme.

Nevertheless, this time McDonald's is freed from tradition and news for Local quirky located in Sweden. Dubbed the McHive, This McDonald's restaurant designed by NORD DDB It is inspired by the Nordic restaurants that have beehives on its roof to launch a call to action: protect and preserve our bees.

The McHive is not a functional restaurant. The small room that barely exceeds the subway side is actually a honeycomb. Around, grass and wild plants allow bees live peacefully, without any lack; while the wooden structure protects them from the ravages of time.

If it were not for the burgers publicized, the brand name shown with raised white lettering, and the drive-thru marked with double famous yellow arches, I would not have to guess how the McHive is a bet McDonald's for a world more sustainable.

The marketing strategy has been a triumph for the fast food company, also received a face wash that wins him points on the green scale consumers, It has also got six million impressions, which will undoubtedly help our small Hymenoptera domestic.

But it does not stop there, construction began to auction the charitable purposes 21 of May, and it was bought by a philanthropist by 10 000 Dollars, these little critters amount of the vicissitudes melliferous fully intended to defend facing.

A success both McDonald’s as to the nature.

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