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“He 50% Restaurant customer requests account for Whatsapp” – Interview with Andrés Lisboa


Whenever we find ourselves faced with another innovation that comes to the hospitality industry causes us enormous curiosity. To see how technological advances are applied to the daily life of the restaurants to make the customer experience more satisfactory, is a differentiator and one of the foundations on which the theory of Social Media develops coined restauranting our director Diego Coquillat.

If this term has turned out a good disciple, that is Lisbon Andrés Inostroza, from 35 years. This Commercial Engineer is now a successful restaurateur in his native Chile, where since 2011 owns the restaurant Flavor Field, specialized in offering large portions of the best Chilean traditional cuisine.

Despite being a small restaurant and rustic, He has highlighted the creativity with which they have always raised the service to its customers. Therefore, from the 2014 They began to incorporate in a comprehensive way the management of social networking to daily Restaurant, being the first in the area that offered the possibility to book on Facebook and ask for the bill by Whatsapp.

We want to know much more of Andrés Lisboa, This entrepreneur from across the world is winning with the use of new technologies to improve business processes. Why we share with our readers this interview we want to inquire about the results of using the Whatsapp in the usual restaurant management, as it is the fact ask for the bill by customers.

Interview with Andrés Inostroza Lisboa - Manager Campo Restaurant Sabor

Question – Tell us Andrés, How did you come up with this innovative idea?

Answer – Imagine you are at your favorite restaurant completely full, You want to pay the bill but no one sees you, raise your hand and do not make you case, Would not you like to send a message by Whatsapp to ask for the bill and save all that time waiting? So he left all, but I tell you from the beginning.

Field flavor is a gourmet family. Life have worked this wonderful item with great passion and we understand perfectly what is involved: "Service rather than sell food dishes". In this line, We are always looking how to please our customers, live an unforgettable experience with our work, exceed your expectations and that will be happy with the intention of returning.

On the other hand, we think for the customer who attends a restaurant, times are worth gold, perhaps because they have other activities to be met, another walk to perform, or just want to get home after a tiring day, so the fact pay the bill envision it as an extremely important process.

 Promotion to ask the account Whatsapp

Following this, we began to analyze the behavior of customers when applying for the account. Let's accomplish 13 years on the market and much effort we have been moving in demand, weekends being the busiest days of public and when our room remains full in the main service of the restaurant, It ie during lunch. We begin to visualize the full service and focus on a detail, "The time when the customer decides to ask for the bill".

Customers usually, They raise their hand making the gesture typical moving means, “¡hey! The bill please ... "worried we see that the garzones (Waiters in Spain), Gone insane from much work, not achieve timely action to call, what the client should clearly annoy or inconvenience having to wait longer than usual, and sometimes some more hasty took the decision to stop and go to the box. When this happens, to our thinking means that lapses in service quality and must be corrected.

First, it occurred to us to acquire some buttons battery quoted in the Chinese market via Internet, that would install on all tables. they meet 3 principal functions: call garzón, ask the account or cancel, Nevertheless, the acquisition cost was very high for our budget and we had to forget about that possibility.

After keep thinking about mechanisms that would help us improve this detail, it happened to be a very close customer, seeing that the place was a lot of public, I send me to my personal Whatsapp a message asking for more bread. me Demore 1 minute personally bring to the table. Here we lit the bulb as they say, and wonder, Why do not we ask customers account for Whatsapp?

So it was, We choose the most important day for Chileans, he 18 September where our national anniversary celebrated, of the year 2014 to inaugurate a great idea that has brought us great benefits in differentiation since we are the only restaurant in the area that the client asks for your account Whatsapp.

P – Y, How does the system ask for the bill works by Whatsapp?

R – It's simple and convenient for the customer. On the table there is information to the procedure is very basic. The customer adds Whatsapp our number to your contacts and requests the account by sending a short message such as "account table 20". Our cashiers, It has the smartphone where the message arrives and responds very quickly giving the customer peace of mind that your request is in process. The staff sends cash account with the waiter and ready ... the client was spared that time sometimes annoying to be looking for his garzón, raising his hand so many people, and finally make your payment smoothly and very friendly manner on the table.

P – It's a good way to use new technologies to improve service, the processes, shorten times and also is free.

R – So is, Whatsapp is an amazing free tool, We all have this application in our handsets and what better than to take advantage of the talent of the person who created it for improve our service and make it easier customer experience.

Use has been great because it allows us to keep track of your contact numbers for tomorrow, communicate promotions or simply reward system usage, with discounts or products that winners receive directly via Whatsapp in a message.

P – I imagine that this addition in your service will also help destacaros regarding competition ...

R – We are always looking to differentiate ourselves and be authentic. We want to be flavor Field Restaurant, not the Restaurant Sabor a Field, What I mean by this? our goal is that people remember the brand.

In order to accomplish this, we set many challenges in culinary matters, peculiarly calling our preparations to win identity. The service, that the area is mainly done by men, Sabor a field on a 90% Women perform it (garzonas) and service innovation, We are the only restaurant where the account is requested by Whatsapp and where you can book through social networks without any inconvenience.

These details and many more, They have enabled us with a lot of effort to position ourselves in the market and in the minds of our customers who give us great fidelity.

As the Social Media restauranting has helped Flavored Field

P –How important are new technologies in your business?

R – A lot. Time passes and we must go our upgrade to new technologies that today we simplify life, and by this I mean primarily the use of the Internet and of course today, social networks, something that is not being exploited by very competitive and has given us differentiation, as we learned in the methodology SMR.

Before we attended only Thursday through Sunday by the lack of public, but in 2014 we set out to meet Monday to Sunday with the intention of gaining market presence and captivate an important public who was passing along the route where we are located.

In order to make that effort, I dedicated myself to research a lot on the Net, Y I met Diego Coquillat and his philosophy of Social Media restauranting. I read, I found it very interesting and began to apply. We did a twitter and asked a friend to teach me to occupy this tool completely unknown to me. I dedicated myself to follow many people who still, forgive the redundancy, the main newspaper of our city. Suddenly We began to have followers organically, then some comments, consultations and so we started using the SMRestauranting and therefore, We also started up our demand for public.

Today 2016, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, we have a good public Monday through Friday helps us keep our business fairly permanently. On our Facebook page we have over 7.400 I like it, on Twitter over 2.800 followers and are now encouraging Instagram with about 500 followers.

In conclusion, I can say we are the restaurant of social networks in our area and hope to continue to grow thanks to technology and creative innovation we can use, like asking the account Whatsapp.

P – Whatsapp addition to ask for the bill, Do you use in some other process restaurant?

R – For now, We whatsapp only used for the customer to ask for the bill, but we do not close the possibility that someday, the client requests additional products such as a drink, a dessert, a coffee, when it happened, we attend without any problems.

In our internal processes, Whatsapp much use to request orders to our suppliers, to send proof of payment to these (Whatsapp to use more emails on this matter), We whatsapp even create groups to communicate with the restaurant management team and another group with the service team to inform decisions, procedures, news of interest and customer reviews. It is a tool that we took the juice.

Brochure for social networks

P – We have seen that you have a lot of activity on Facebook. How important in making decisions on Sabor do Campo? Do you listen to your audience?

R – Yes. I remember before, the client only had the opportunity to congratulate, make a complaint or a suggestion through the famous "book of complaints and suggestions". As well, Today that book is called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, or any social network that handles the customer.

For us there are two possibilities: You do do a good job or a bad job. When you do it right, customer loves to publish his experience because he wants to be the first to tell your friends, “Oye, I recommend this place, you'll love ", but when you do it wrong or did you have a day full of errors of planning or organization that caused a bad time to pass customer, The comment can be fatal to your reputation.

That is why deaf to social networking is my view, not knowing how to play in the big leagues. Sabor a policy field we fully hear all the comments made on social networks. When they are good, thank them very much and when they are bad, we have a great opportunity to offer our apologies and reverse the situation, as being constructive comment, we take it as an opportunity for improvement that gives us the customer.

All comments that come to us via social networks are processed by our management and transmitted via our staff meeting. these comments, the positive negative, They have allowed us to improve many issues such as infrastructure problems, process, improve our letter, among the most important.

Andrés press mention in Lisbon

P –What changes have appreciated the establishment of WhatsApp to ask for the bill? Have you liked to customers?

R – He liked it because it works. Customers are surprised to see that there is an alternative to the traditional system and after checking the convenient it is to ask for the bill by whatsapp, We have stated that value creativity, which it was a great idea to implement, that they have not seen in any other restaurant in the country, and now no longer lifted more hand for the account, It is the coolest of all this.

as data, Today our customers are asking for whatsapp account on average 50% approximately. We are working to grow this percentage but it is a challenge, as, we have a large audience profile of an adult who were not born in the era of technology and prefer normal, but the conclusion we are very pleased with the result in the almost 2 years of implementation.

Customers are delighted with the opportunity to ask for the bill by Whatsapp

P –How important flavor concedéis in the online field work versus offline? Do you think that complement?

R – Full complement. For us work is a showcase online, an opportunity to enthuse that potential customer to know and experience our service. Before, There was only the in situ experience to qualify the quality of work of restaurant, today, You can enter the section of opinions on Facebook and view comments from customers who have already lived the experience and decide not to enter or restaurant. That's what we promote us.

As mentioned the SMRestauranting, you have to be persistent in the online work and be present. Customer who follow you, You like to be informed of your current situation because maybe you plan to visit you to celebrate a family event and would not want your restaurant was closed for vacation or any other reason, would love to know that you offer in week, or simply make a reservation via social networks.

Sabor a timely Campo always try to communicate our plans affecting the operation, our promotions, or what we are doing again, because we want our customers are aligned with our work.

As well, We are very interested to be the customer who says whether we are good or not.

Comment from a client twitter

P – We see that many users praise the quality of service and attention of all staff. How committed do you see of the team with the online measurements carried out by the company?

R – It is essential to have a team aligned and incorporated into your strategy, Nevertheless, It has also been a real challenge, since they will never feel the same passion as yours, but at least we look for profiles of people who have built teamwork, be kind, charismatic, and all the qualities you need a staff who want to work in the world of service.

In my opinion, Chile's low level of service and professionalism and gastronomic tourism, There is a lot of talent but lack people to help us (I mean qualified staff), It needs more commitment and flexibility agencies for entrepreneurship.

I want to go with this, We are working in one of the most complex areas such as the gastronomic, the customer is very demanding Y each time it feels more empowered, if you fail, in seconds the commentary is circulating on the web.

Sabor a constant field training conducted our staff, although not easy to run because time is very scarce. And finally, The other important detail, is that we as owners, We are very involved in service, analyzing all the details on the ground and motivating our staff when we have a strenuous day.

I think the latter, It has helped us enough to make our employees feel very comfortable with us and carry out high-quality service that our customers appreciate and value in social networks and that has brought us many fruits that we care much effort and work.

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