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The Lakasa restaurant celebrates the second edition of the 'Ceremony Cheese’


He restaurante Lakasa, with his owner and chef Cesar Martin to the head, continues with the aim of customers embark on a culinary adventure permanent, always supported in search and selection of products on the market at the peak of their season.

Jean-François Antony, Alsatian master tuner, It travels to Madrid for the second edition of his famous 'cheese Ceremony'. Starting Tuesday 29 of May, the restaurant organizes Lakasa three days of themed dinners dedicated solely to cheese, a whole sensory adventure to enjoy this artisan product and learn the secrets of its preparation.

This philosophy extends to every corner of the letter Lakasa, including cheese. After more than four years of relationship with Antony, and good taste left in the last edition, restaurant Cesar Martin has returned to start the machinery to make the master tuner back to the restaurant to celebrate their 'Cheese Ceremony'.

This new edition is an extraordinary opportunity for understand and appreciate the uniqueness of artisan cheese, and discover the secrets it holds the office of refiner in the process of cheese ripening.

He explains Antony, “the cheese, as all living product, It is always different. Its diversity of flavors, textures and expressions are constantly renewed”. Y, on its proposal for this occasion, Add: “I myself learn every day, I rediscover my cheese. further, I am always looking for new. Sometimes I feel that, after twenty years in this world, I'm just at the beginning of my learning. All these issues will discover during the Ceremony”.

sensory experience

For three days, Lakasa offered the opportunity to attend a dinner starring cheese, in which you can taste 15 selected for the occasion by Antony himself varieties, who shall guide and master of ceremonies.

During the evening, composed solely of this product, guests can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, textures and flavors; understand why each artisan cheese is a unique piece; know the vital importance of milk, the story behind each producer, the role carried out by the wineries tuner… Definitely, The ceremony was presented as a great sensory experience.

The appointment will be in Lakasa, on Tuesday 29, on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 of May, starting at 21 hours. The price is 70 euros per person, excluding drinks, which they will be charged separately. To complete the reservation, a payment will be made by value 50 euros per diner after filling out the form created for the occasion web de Lakasa.

So the restaurant has announced the holding of this conference in their social media:

Mañana, El Noticiero… con un anuncio muy especial.

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Y si deseas conocer mejor la idiosincrasia de Lakasa, aquí te dejamos un vídeo en el que su propietario y chef César Martín te lo cuenta todo:

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