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The largest restaurant in the world : McDonald’s


In the industry worldwide restaurants, the American hamburger chain McDonald's es un referente indiscutible, It is the largest chain in the world of fast food or fast food.

If we measure by the number of meals served it would be the world's largest restaurant.

But I have compiled some data that I would like to share with you :

  • Born in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant.
  • Posee más de 31.000 restaurants worldwide.
  • It is one of the 10 known brands in the world.
  • It serves some 64.000.000 customers per day.
  • There is more of 3.000 Restaurants in Japan.
  • Employs more 1.500.000 of people.
  • Sells around 150 burgers per second.
  • Sells more than 15.000 million meals a year.
  • 1 each 8 Americans have worked in this company.
  • The average time a customer care is 90 seconds.
  • Character Ronald McDonald talks over 25 Languages.
  • Sell 1/3 of all chips restaurants USA.

There is one aspect that in recent years the restaurant chain is a trendsetter and has become a market leader and the creativity of your ads and your advertising campaigns.

There is a legend that seems to be confirmed that says “M” yellow with red background of your logo refers to the colors of ketchup and mustard.

Your ads are very different, having creative ads, explaining your product, other fun and some that promote good causes.



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