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The restaurant offers "special discounts" for redheads


Manchester businessman Mark Linaker offers up 20% off your restaurant to all customers redheads.

He Ginger´s Grill, a gourmet burger restaurant specializing in grilled chicken, which it is located in Prestatyn, North Wales, He wanted to establish this as redheads will allow people eat at this restaurant paying less for your account.

this novel special promotion, only for redheads or gingers, as they are called there, born from the experience of Linaker – expelirrojo in his younger years, before shaving head- . "It's time that redheads have a break. I know the pressure and palos we have always been redheads, So now I want to offer a off-redhead from a 20% for all these people”, Having declarado Marcos LINAK.

In addition the employer, currently divides his time between Manchester and North Wales, He wanted to vindicate: "I've decided to offer a discount of 20% in the menu price for truly Redheads. I'm a expelirrojo that, Besides, I wanted to take a different measure in your business. I think this is new, which also does justice to a group that has always been very difficult things, "he said a recent statement to the Manchester Evening News.

Burgers and chicken discounts for redheads

To carry out this project, Linaker has spent nearly two years developing the idea and studying the market. This former student of Prestatyn High School wanted to find the ideal place to open the Ginger's Grill, besides go hand in hand a very disruptive marketing proposal, It will employ about 10 professionals.

Regarding the food we serve think Linaker, This said: "I'm sure this idea will work because we plan to serve good quality food and excellent smoothies in a relaxed and peaceful ". This businessman from Manchester, It has the ambition to bring the Ginger's Grill high as possible and does not hide that in the future would like implant the idea This restaurant with special discounts for redheads in other cities of North Wales and the North East of England.

Despite having some delay regarding the opening date initially announced, everything seems to be ready to start shooting later this month. "Happy days are approaching redheads with appetite and taste for chicken and good burgers", Having declarado Mark LINAK, and continues: "I think the restaurant will be very well received by the local population redhead, and I expect a big hit with tourists redheads. They enjoy a 20% from discount"He sentenced.

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